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When Can You Benefit from a Custom Office Design?

Get Design Tips from Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta, GA

Whether you’re a start-up company or one that’s redecorating, relocating your office or expanding, there are many benefits of investing in a custom office design. With so many types of office furniture and styles to choose from, it can be daunting to know where to begin. You want your new office furniture to feel modern and not outdated. You also want your office furniture to feel unique to your brand, but you likely don’t want to spend a fortune on custom-made pieces. At Office Furniture Expo, we understand your needs and are available to help you make the best choices for your office furniture in the Greater Atlanta Area. We offer both new and used office furniture and accessories with many materials, designs, and finishing options without skimping on quality craftsmanship. Read on for the many advantages of custom office design and why you should consider it for your company sooner rather than later.

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Office Furniture Experts

As a business owner, office manager, or self-employed professional, we know you manage a lot of factors to keep day-to-day operations running. One of the most important ways to help your business thrive is a well-outfitted space. Impressions matter for colleagues and guests alike, and having a comfortable and attractive selection of office furniture is a great first step. At Office Furniture Expo, we are committed to helping our customers get the office furniture they need at the best available rates.

Our wide array of office chairs, desks, and conference tables are sure to impress, no matter your budget. For years we have been a leader in the Atlanta, GA, area and we look forward to helping you furnish your office today. Whether you need a conference table for business meetings or want to upgrade to a more comfortable office chair, Office Furniture Expo is standing by to supply you the pieces you need.

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Accessorizing Your Office Space

Accessorizing your workspace is just as important as finding the right office furniture. A stark office can feel cold and unwelcoming, while one with thoughtfully arranged décor adds dimension and warmth. There are many different ways to customize your office space, whether you want it to reflect your personality or simply feel more polished.

You might find accessorizing easier in your own personal home office, where you can choose whatever pieces you like. Finding the right fit for a more public space may require more consideration. Either way, here are a few design elements that will bring some life into a workspace:

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Finding the Perfect Desk

At Office Furniture Expo, we understand that not all office furniture is the same, especially when it comes to choosing a desk for your office. Unlike conference tables, which are designed to accommodate a group of people, a desk is a very personal space. If you are able to pick out your own desk, take some time to think about what you need as well as what you like. With our tips, we can help you find the best desk to personalize your office.

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Choosing the Right Office Chair

When you think about the most important piece of furniture in your office, you may immediately think of your desk. After all, it provides a dedicated space to organize your documents and office accessories and get your work done. But with the exception of standing desks, there’s a more important piece of office furniture required to use the desk in the first place—your office chair. The average American spends 12 hours a day sitting, and for office workers like you, the bulk of that time is spent sitting in an office chair. Choosing the right chair for your office is essential, but how do you find it? Office Furniture Expo has a few words of advice.

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