Does your home office suffer from glare and shadows? Bad lighting in a home office can negatively affect productivity and creativity. To transform your home office into an ideal work environment, incorporate the following office lighting tips.

Confident Smiling Man Working At Desk

Diffuse Lighting
Direct overhead lighting can produce an annoying glare. Diffuse the ambient lighting in office with lampshades, which soften and scatter light, and upward-shining floor lamps, which lets the light bounce off of the walls and ceilings of the office. If you diffuse the office lighting effectively, you will illuminate the office without producing glare, contrast, or shadows.

Task Lighting
For areas of the office where focus is important, install task lighting. This will help maintain focus and reduce eyestrain. Place an adjustable or articulating desk lamp in an area where you read documents or work on your computer. Make sure there is also dedicated task lighting wherever you are on the phone, filing documents, or reviewing photos. Install corrective LED lighting behind any computer screens that you use to reduce the negative health effects of working on the computer all day.

Natural Lighting
Warm, natural light looks great in any office. Install windows and skylights to let sunlight in and dramatically improve any work environment. Just don’t forget to offset unwanted glare during certain times of the day by using blinds or a standing screen.

Decorative Lighting
Many people focus so much on practical lighting that they forget the office design benefits of decorative lights. Not only does ambient lighting reduce stress, but it creates a soothing and attractive office atmosphere in the evening. Mantel lights, picture lights, and wall sconces can accent certain areas of the room and provide visual interest.

At Office Furniture Expo, we have assisted thousands of people with their home office lighting needs since 1981. To take a closer look at the office furniture and lighting we offer, visit us online. And for more information, call us at (770) 455-0440.

Workplace Ergonomics

Sitting in an office for hours a day can wreak havoc on the body, especially when you do not have the right office furniture and equipment to keep it properly supported. If you are struggling with common ergonomic problems, keep reading to find out how you can fix them:

Bad Posture

Without the proper support, the simple act of sitting in a chair can cause severe pain throughout your back, your neck, and your joints. If you notice that your body feels rough after a day at the office, you might want to get a new chair. When you sit, your feet should be flat on the floor, your back should be supported, and your wrists should be directly in front of you. Find an adjustable chair with armrests that helps you improve your posture and feel better throughout the day.

Wrong Computer Height

Your computer monitor should come up to eyebrow height so you can look at the screen without craning your neck. If you currently have to look down or up to see your computer screen, you should update your office desk. An adjustable work surface helps you find the perfect height at which to place your monitor to improve the way that you work.

Far Away Objects

When setting up your desk, you should place any items that you use on a regular basis within reaching distance. If you do not have to stretch to grab the phone, pick up the stapler, or move your computer mouse, it puts less strain on your body throughout the day.

The amazing selection at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can help you improve the ergonomics of your office. Our custom office furniture makes it easy to set up a workspace that meets all of your comfort and support needs. For more information, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

Home office

The way you design your office has a big impact on how well your employees can focus on their work. Just because your office space is small, however, does not mean it cannot meet all of your needs. With the right furniture and setup, you can create a productive workplace that helps your company thrive:

Opt for Custom Office Furniture

If you do not have a lot of space with which to work, it might behoove you to fill it with custom office furniture. This way, you can determine the size and the dimensions of all of your pieces so they fit perfectly into your workplace and give your staff everything they need to do their work.

Use Multifunctional Pieces

When it comes to a small space, multifunctional pieces of furniture help you optimize the room’s potential. Choose desks with built-in file cabinets and keyboard holders that give you all of the storage space you need without taking up any more valuable room in your small office.

Find the Best Arrangement

The way you arrange your furniture will have a big impact on the flow of the office. Remember to leave a clear pathway so your staff can easily move between office equipment to find what they need. You might want to push a few desks together to keep walkways clear. Draw out a few different arrangement ideas before you actually move the office furniture to ensure that you can come up with a configuration that really works with your space.

Turn to Office Furniture Expo Atlanta for all of your custom office furniture needs. Since 1981, we have provided top furniture and equipment to city businesses to optimize aesthetic appeal and productivity in the workplace. For more information on our products and services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440. 


Office Furniture Expo Atlanta wants you to have the best experience when it comes to buying office furniture and equipment. Whenever you order from us, you can be sure to receive the following services:

Our staff is here to help you figure out the best way to set up furniture in your workplace to create a productive and thriving environment. We handle the logistics to give you the furniture you need without the stress of figuring out how to get it. With a full-service delivery fleet, we deliver your furniture straight to you. We also have repair services to extend the life of your furniture and create custom office furniture.

When you are ready to update your office furniture, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is here to help. We provide the products and services you need to get the pieces you want inside of your workplace. For more information, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

An ergonomic office is built to fit you so you can remain comfortable throughout the day. The more time you spend setting up your office desk, the better you will feel while you work.

Place everything you need regularly within easy reach and sit in a chair that allows your feet to sit flatly on the floor with plenty of support for your wrists. Prevent glare on your computer monitor so you do not have to strain your eyes. Check out this video for more ergonomic tips.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta gives you the furniture selection you need to improve the ergonomics of your office. With custom office furniture and equipment, we can make it more comfortable to be at work. Visit us online or call (770) 455-0440 to learn more.


glass meeting table with black chairs isolated on white

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we want you to get the most out of your office furniture. With the proper care, you can keep these pieces as an important aspect of your workplace décor for many years. Use these tips to prolong the life of your furniture:

Be Careful with Your Furniture Placement

How you arrange your furniture can affect how long it lasts. Be careful about putting office furniture too close to heaters and air conditioners or you could lose moisture in wood pieces. You should also use caution when placing the furniture near the windows or the furnishings could be susceptible to fading and warping.

Use Coasters and Pads

Coasters, pads, and mats offer an important barrier of protection for your furniture. Ask your employees to use coasters or mats underneath glasses or liquid or food to keep the furniture safe. If anyone spills anything on the surface of the furniture, you should try to clean it up as soon as possible.

Bring the Furniture in For Repairs

Proper maintenance can greatly extend the life of your office furniture. If you notice any parts of your desks, chairs, or conference tables need to be fixed, bring them in for repair to prevent any larger issues from happening. If you manage to repair the problems when they are still small, you can keep your office furniture in top condition.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we have the custom office furniture and repair services that you need to create a cohesive office décor that is built to last. Since 1981, we have provided the city of Atlanta with some of the best desks, chairs, tables, and office equipment to fully stock any kind of workplace. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

Holding a lupe and examing colours

When it comes to office productivity, you should look for any advantage that you can find. The right office furniture gives you the space you need to conduct meetings with your business peers and clients. Use the following tips to design a conference room that helps you get your work done:

Accommodate for Large Groups of People

Figure out how many people you can comfortably fit in your conference room and buy furniture accordingly. Choose a conference table that has more than enough space to easily accommodate all of the people who will attend your meetings. Make sure you can fit all of your chairs around the table so everyone can sit comfortably.

Consider What Your Clients Will Think

You should base your decorating decisions on the image that you want to create for your image. Choose matching office furniture that helps you create a cohesive décor to convey a professional image to any clients or potential clients who might come to meetings in your office space. You might be surprised how much your office furniture can affect your company image.

Aim for Efficiency

Once you find furniture that works for your conference room, it is important to find the right layout to maximize efficiency in the space. Include important electronic equipment like telephones and computer ports in the room’s design so you can give presentations. Add a few side tables where you can set up catering during long meetings. You might also want to include some white boards or other features that help you make the most of the space.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is your Georgia resources for all things office furniture. With custom pieces and office equipment that can help you optimize efficiency in your workplace, we make it easy to cater your office to your needs. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

Corporate Board Room

The furniture and accessories in your home office directly affect your productivity. If you are looking to take your work home, use the following tips to create a functional home office design:

Stock up on office furniture and equipment that you need to make a productive workspace. You should find a desk that is big enough for all of your needs, a comfortable chair, and adequate lighting. Storage like a bookcase or a few filing cabinets can help you stay organized in the space. Although decorative accessories are a nice touch, you want to avoid using anything that could cause a distraction while you work.

Come to Office Furniture Expo Atlanta to find all of the office furniture and equipment that you need to build your home office. We make it easy to find all of the pieces you need to build a stylish and comfortable work environment. To learn more, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440. 

If you want to lead effective business meetings, you have to create an agenda that clearly lists all topics of discussion. Inform your guests about the agenda so they have a clear understanding of what you will cover.

You want to ensure that the meeting is worth the attendee’s time. Creating an agenda is one of the best ways to stay on task throughout the course of the meeting. Learn more in this video.

With the help of Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, you can set up conference rooms and other meeting areas for all of your business needs. With our office furniture and equipment, you can create an effective workplace. Call (770) 455-0440 to learn more.


Business man with RSI / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Office furniture should do more than add some aesthetic appeal to your workspace. The right furniture can give you and your employees the support they need to stay comfortable throughout the workday. Keep reading to learn more about how furniture does its part to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome:

It Helps You Find the Right Position

Typing at uncomfortable angles can increase your risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. With adjustable screens, keyboards, and office desks, you can eliminate this strain. Finding the right position in which to type helps you keep your forearms, wrists, and hands in alignment.

It Encourages You to Avoid Putting Pressure on the Wrong Areas

Office furniture that does not properly support you makes it easy to slouch and put too much pressure on your wrists and your joints. If you sit straight in your chair with your feet resting firmly on the ground, it makes it difficult to shift into one of these positions that puts too much pressure on particular areas of the body. This helps you do your work without sitting in a position that is bad for your bones, muscles, and joints.

It Provides a Comfortable Area to Take a Break

Another way to reduce your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome is to remember to take frequent breaks throughout the day. The right office design provides plenty of comfortable locations where you can go sit when you need a break from your desk and keyboard. Take advantage of the comfortable office furniture and get a break when you need one.

Find the ergonomic furniture you need for your workspace at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. From adjustable office chairs to comfortable work surfaces, we give you the furniture selection that helps you keep your employees productive and free from carpal tunnel syndrome. To learn more about our selection, call (770) 455-0440.

Hanging a painting

When creating a unique décor, office accessories are just as important as your furniture selection. If you want to create a cohesive and comfortable work environment for your employees, use wall art to tie the entire space together. The following tips can help you choose pieces that really make your workspace come to life:

Think About Your Ideal Office Image

The artwork you choose for a space directly affects how people will think about your business. When browsing through different art options, think about the message that you want your business to convey and find pieces that work with it. Use your accessories to create a particular atmosphere inside of your office that gives your customers a positive first impression of your company.

Choose Colors that Complement

Once you build a décor with office furniture and equipment, use this as a foundation for your accessory selection. Try to find wall art that complements the style and colors that already exist in your décor. This gives you the opportunity to bring the whole interior design together in a complete and attractive way.

Consider Mixing and Matching

Do not feel like you are trapped into a particular style just because you choose a certain piece of artwork. Sometimes mixing and matching a few different styles gives you a really beautiful and unique look for your workspace. As long as you can find a connective thread between the different pieces, feel free to get creative with your art selection.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we make it easy to find everything you need for your workspace. From custom office furniture to a great selection of accessories, we help you design a space that works for all of your needs. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.


Not only does Office Furniture Expo Atlanta have one of the best selections of custom office furniture in the city, but we also offer expert repair services. We do everything we can to provide the best customer service for you at all times. Keep reading to learn more about how our repair services:

Whether you buy your office furniture with us or with someone else, our staff can touch up and repair these pieces and return them to their original condition. Come in today with your broken items and we will send you back to the office with furniture that is as good as new.

Whether you want to buy new office furniture or get your current pieces repaired, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is here for you. We make it easy to furnish your office to your specifications. For more information on our repair services or our products, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

The wrong office setup can put too much strain on your eyes, especially when you are spending long periods of time in front of your computer. Take certain precautions to reduce eyestrain and improve the way you work.

Adjust the monitor on your office desk so you are looking down at the monitor. Find the right balance between natural and artificial light and make an effort to look away from the screen every twenty minutes or so. Get more tips in this video.

Improve the way your office flows with the help of Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Our office furniture and accessories help you create a comfortable and productive work environment. Call (770) 455-0440 to learn more.


Ordering custom office furniture gives you the opportunity to add some of your business’ personality to your workplace. Office Furniture Expo Atlanta offers custom design services that give you control over the kind of furniture you use for your business. When you work with us, you get:

Experienced Design Experts

Our staff is specially trained in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) so they can create line drawings and three-dimensional models of your office space to help you visualize the design. This gives you a more practical way to imagine the kind of office furniture and accessories that you want to incorporate into your workplace. Our custom design experts are here to help you find decor that truly works with your space.

A Great Selection of Fabrics and Finishes

We give you the selection you want so you can choose fabrics and finishes that really help your space come to life. With fabrics from companies like Momentum, Maharam, and Wilson Art Laminates, you will get the colors, textures, and patterns needed to meet your decorating needs.

A Look Based on Your Corporate Image

We understand that it is important for your business to display a certain kind of image that is consistent with your corporate branding. Our sales consultants and designers are here to help you with every aspect of the process from planning and budgeting to finding the furniture and accessories you want to maintain your image. When you are ready to make a change to your office design, we are here to help.

Since 1981, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has done everything we can to help local businesses find the right decorative elements to enhance any office. From desks to custom design services, we give you what you need to create your dream workspace. To learn more about our wide range of quality products or our design services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440. 

go green

With a few simple changes, you can lower the impact that your office has on the environment. This guide will show you a few easy ways to cut back on waste and to make your office green and efficient:

Opt for Gently Used Furniture

Instead of buying new office furniture, why not choose some high-quality used furniture for your workplace design? Not only is this an easy way to save some money, but it is also a more sustainable method of furnishing an office. Since these pieces have already been manufactured, no additional materials, fuel, or labor will be required to build furnishings for your workspace, which decreases your office’s carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Waste

Switching from disposable cups, plates, and other office supplies drastically reduces the amount of waste that your company creates. You can also make an effort to go as paperless as possible and choose eco-friendly supplies. These changes might seem minimal, but they make a big impact on how your office affects the environment. You should also add some recycling bins to your workspace to give your staff easy access to an environmentally friendly method of disposing of paper.

Pay Attention to Your Energy Usage

Adjusting the thermostat by just a few degrees significantly lowers your energy usage. You and your staff should also make an effort to turn off the building lights when you leave for the night. Paying attention to your energy usage will lower your utility costs and help you create a green working environment.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has an amazing selection of top-quality used office furniture that puts you on the path toward a greener office. For more than thirty years, we have been the city’s one-stop-shop for all office furniture needs. To learn more about our products or to find out how you can get used furniture, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440. 


With the help of complete package deals from Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, you can find home and office furniture to meet your set-designing needs. We make it easy to rent all of the furniture and accessories you need to decorate a movie or television production set to your specifications.

Whether you are in Atlanta or other parts of the state, we have the wide range of furniture that you need to find the perfect pieces for decorating and staging your set. Our furniture has been used on notable movies like The BlindsideLife As We Know It, and Hall Pass, as well as television shows like Drop Dead Diva, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead.

Whether you need office furniture for a movie set or for your actual workplace, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can provide it for you. We have office desks, chairs, tables, and storage units to help meet your needs. To learn more, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

Feng Shui principles help bring balance and positive energy to your workspace. If you are careful about the way you set up your office furniture, you can make the most of your space.

As you can see in this video, you should de-clutter your office desk and get rid of anything that is broken. Put a plant like an orchid on your desk to encourage calming energy. Place pictures of loved ones in the top right corner of the desk and the wastebasket at the bottom left corner.

Apply these principles to the office furniture and accessories that you get from Office Furniture Expo Atlanta to really enhance your office design. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.


Wood office furniture is a great addition to any workspace, and with the proper cleaning routine, it will continue to look beautiful for many years. If anything spills on your wood furniture, blot it up immediately using a clean, white cloth. The sooner you work on the stain, the better chance you have of removing it. If there are white rings on the wood, make a paste of equal parts baking soda and light toothpaste. Rub the paste into the stain with a sponge or cloth, and then wipe and buff it with another clean cloth. Check out this video for more great tips on maintaining wood furniture.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has a great selection of office furniture to meet your every need. Since 1981, we have kept Atlanta businesses outfitted with beautiful and functional furniture options. Call us at (770) 455-0440.


You and your employees spend a great deal of time in your office, so it’s a good idea to give a bit of thought to how you want it to look. Office furniture can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. When you are choosing fabrics for chairs and other office furniture, it’s important to consider how they will blend in with your office’s current décor. If you’re making over your entire office, choose fabrics that will reflect your business. Leather office furniture conveys a certain feeling of power and confidence, while synthetic materials may be a more economical choice for businesses. In general, you should choose something that will be both comfortable and durable so that you and your employees are happy with your office furniture.


Office Furniture Expo Atlanta carries a variety of fabrics, materials, and colors so you can outfit your office exactly how you want. Contact us at (770) 455-0440 or come into our Doraville showroom to see our inventory of quality products by the best manufacturers. 

Running your own business is no easy task. In addition to providing the marketplace with superior products and services, there is a great deal of behind-the-scenes work to be done including managing employees and outfitting your office with quality furniture. After all, without office furniture, your employees would have nowhere to do the work that keeps you on top of your competitors. Used office furniture is a great choice for all types of businesses for a number of reasons. Read on to learn more.

Used Furiture 1st fl

Whether your office houses eight or 80 employees, purchasing office furniture can be a good chunk of your regular operating budget. As an employer, it’s up to you to provide your employees with a safe and ergonomic work environment to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Used office furniture lets you purchase more for less money and may allow you to get higher-quality products than if you decided to buy new. Desks and chairs with only minor wear are discounted heavily, and your business stands to benefit from those savings. Americans spend over $11 billion on office furniture each year, so shop wisely and look for discounts on used items.

Did you know that 8.8 million tons of usable office furniture end up in landfills every year? Going green is more important now than ever before, and you can do your part for the environment by keeping decent furniture out of the garbage. Producing office furniture also results in carbon dioxide emissions that can harm the atmosphere. By purchasing used office furniture, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and be doing your part to recycle usable items.

One of the best things about buying used office furniture is the wide selection you have available to choose from. Instead of only selecting from what manufacturers are making right now, you can find desks and chairs to suit your decorating style or match existing office décor.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is proud to do our part to help your budget and the environment by offering high-quality used office furniture. Call us at (770) 455-0440 to inquire about our current inventory. We have the largest selection of used office furniture in Georgia

SED Intl 004

If you’re like many Americans, your office is your home-away-from-home. The reality for many people is that they spend more time at work than they do at home, so it’s a good idea for the office to be a comfortable space. Your employees work hard for you year-round, and they deserve to have a pleasant work environment in return. Keep reading for helpful tips on cubicle design for you and your employees.

Determine Layout
Whether you are moving into a new office space or revamping your current one, you’ll need to have a plan for where your people, products, equipment, furniture, and supplies will go. Cubicles can be a space-saving solution that gives your employees their own mini-offices to get work done. There are a variety of choices when it comes to cubicle panels, with different materials, fabrics, and finishes. If your employees spend a lot of time on the phone, it might be a good idea to have more separation between each cubicle for ease of hearing. A more modern office design might involve an open layout, with partial panels dividing your employees for a streamlined look.

Choose Furniture
Once you have decided how your cubicles will be set up, you’ll need to furnish each one. It is essential to choose ergonomic desks and chairs to minimize the chances of workplace-related injuries and aches and pains from overuse. Consider talking to your employees to find out what they prefer in terms of chair height and support, and see if anyone would like a standing workstation instead of a sit-down one.

Encourage Accessorizing
No matter what your business is, your employees will appreciate having a bit of freedom to make their cubicle their own. Accessories can be as simple as a family photograph or a potted plant to something more involved such as wall decorations, floor coverings, and lamps. Decide how much accessorizing is appropriate for your office, and let your employees know the ground rules.

A well-designed cubicle can make your employees happier and more productive in their jobs. Call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (770) 455-0440 for help with everything from cubicle design to outfitting each cube with the best office furniture. We have been providing high-quality products to our customers since 1981. 


Whether you're moving into a new office space or considering remodeling the one you already have, it's important that you consider the logistics of decorating your work space before you purchase major pieces of furniture. Since office desks, book shelves, storage units, and office equipment can be incredibly heavy and tricky to move, consider shopping at an office furniture store that offers delivery services. Professionals who specialize in safely transporting, delivering, and installing office furniture can see to it that no items are damaged as they are moved into your space, and can save you from sustaining a pulled muscle or other injury.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is proud to offer delivery services for purchases of any price and to any location within the Atlanta area. Our trained professionals can make it easier for you to enjoy your new office furniture without having to worry about how you will get it into your space. To learn more about the benefits of buying from our custom office furniture store, call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (770) 455-0440.

The environment inside your office can have a huge impact on a client's impression of your services and your business in general. That's just one of the reasons why it's beneficial to decorate your office in a style that represents your personality and defines the character of your company. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose custom design for your office:

Motivate Employees

If you've noticed that your employees’ morale has been low lately, it's time to take a look at your current office décor and swap out any mundane office furniture for more inspiring pieces. Brightly colored accessories and customized office desks and cabinets can be more inviting and may encourage your staff members to come up with more creative solutions to everyday problems.

Boost Individual Productivity

You can enhance your own productivity by surrounding yourself with custom office furniture that inspires you and meets your practical needs. For example, if you are low on storage space, and the appearance of excess clutter is constantly getting on your nerves, consider designing a customized office desk that contains space for all your papers, folders, and workplace accessories.

Reinforce Your Company's Vision

Whether your company focuses on retail goods or provides services for a target demographic, it's important that you take every opportunity to reinforce your unique vision. One way to do this is to create an interesting and unforgettable work space that clients will enjoy spending time in. From personalized art on the walls to cool and comfortable customized chairs, unique office decorations and furnishings can help set your company apart from the competition.

With help from the professionals at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, you can create a one-of-a-kind office that you enjoy spending time in each day. We offer you the option of customizing any style of office furniture, from desks to conference tables. Call (770) 455-0440 to get started creating your custom office furniture today.

Compet Avenue Desk Set 007

Decorating your office space doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. One of the quickest ways to makeover your work space is to paint the walls a vibrant, rich color that reflects the mood you would like to achieve.

If you lack storage space in your office, turn to creative accessories such as baskets or decorative boxes to hide papers and office supplies. If your biggest concern is enhancing the size of your office space, search for a fabulous mirror or two to hang on the walls and create the illusion of space.

You can find furnishings and accessories of all styles and prices at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Find out how our large selection can help you add a personal touch to your work space by visiting our store or calling (770) 455-0440.

monitor on a desk

Did you know that a little pizazz and excitement in your office space can actually boost your creativity and your workplace morale? With a little help from posters, paintings, and other colorful accessories, you can create a more vibrant work space that is truly your own. Here is a look at how accessories add personality to an office space:

Create a Decor Theme

If your office design currently feels confused, use accessories to create a theme for the space. Whether the theme centers around a certain color or a time period – such as the 60's or 70's – you can bring the theme to life with artwork, wall hangings, and lighting fixtures from your custom office furniture store. Once the theme is executed, your space will feel uniquely your own and attract the eyes of passersby.

Enhance Visual Interest

Do you frequently host clients or colleagues in your office? You can impress them with your creative sense of style by filling your office with visually interesting and stimulating accessories. Start the process of adding personality by evaluating your office furniture and selecting accessories that will complement the style of your office desk, chairs and cabinets.

Fill Blank Spaces

Since you spend a considerable amount of time in your office each day, it's important that you feel inspired by your environment. Instead of staring at a blank wall while searching for motivation on a job assignment, draw from the creativity featured in a cool painting or sketch placed on your wall. Make sure the artwork that fills your blank wall spaces is exciting yet appropriate for your work and clientele.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we offer a wide variety of accessories in addition to fabulous office furniture. From artwork to wall hangings, our collection of office-appropriate furnishings can help you transform your work space. To learn more about the items we carry, call us at (770) 455-0440.

Answering the phone

Choose an office chair that properly supports your body so you can stay comfortable while you work. Ergonomic office furniture works with the body to provide optimal comfort throughout the day. Keep reading to learn more about how to shop for an ergonomic office chair:

Buy an adjustable chair to ensure that your feet rest completely on the ground. You should also find a chair that has armrests so you can avoid putting unnecessary strain on your wrists and forearms. Also, lumbar support keeps your spine where it should be while you sit at your office desk.

Find the ergonomic furniture options you need at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Since 1981, we have provided some of the best custom office furniture in the city. We cater to the office furniture and equipment needs of home and corporate offices. For more information on our great selection of products and services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

Office Setting

Home office furniture is an investment that enhances your ability to create a productive space in your own house. Take the time to choose pieces that work for all your needs so you can create a space that works for you. Consider the following when buying furniture so you can choose the right pieces:


The best office furniture fits proportionally into the space available. Before you start browsing for pieces, measure the room so you know what kind of square footage you’re working with. If you know the size of your office, you can easily find great office desks and equipment that work with the features of your space.


Since you will be the one using this space, it is important to choose furniture and accessories that meet your style preferences. Browse through the selection of office furniture until you find pieces that catch your eye. Once you find at least one piece you love, it will be easier to choose other pieces that work with it to create a cohesive theme.


Although aesthetic appeal is a plus for any home office, comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for furniture. You want to choose an office desk at which you can sit comfortably for hours. Look for a chair that offers the support you need to feel great while you work. Be sure to also include plenty of lighting and storage.

Whether you are creating a new home office or want to update an existing one, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has what you need to do it well. Our extensive selection of office furniture and accessories can make it easy for you find exactly what you want for your own space. Since 1981, we have been Atlanta’s one-stop shop for all office furnishing needs. Call (770) 455-0440 to start the search for your new office equipment.

The color you choose for your office design can completely change the feel of the workplace. You might want to consider using company colors to really represent your brand. Try to avoid trends so the décor always stays in style. Think about the mood and the feeling you want to elicit within the office so you can choose a color that makes the interior pop. This video offers more advice on choosing paint colors for an office.

With a great selection of office furniture and equipment, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta makes it easy to create a great workplace décor. Whether you need desks, chairs, or conference tables, we have it. Call (770) 455-0440 to learn more about our products and services.



Your home office should be a space that makes you feel comfortable and productive. To achieve this perfect balance between style and function, spend time finding the right office furniture and accessories to decorate the space. Once you find the right items, your home office will be place of comfort and productivity for years to come. Keep reading for some tips on setting up a truly great home office:

Choose Furniture with Aesthetic and Functional Appeal

Start off your office décor with furniture pieces that combine your personal aesthetic with your practical needs. Consider choosing a furniture set that includes an office desk, chair, and bookcase—that way, all your pieces will match. Whether you prefer sleek wood or modern metal, a complete furniture set can help you fill your office with everything you need to get to work and feel satisfied with your space.

Use Office Equipment for Organization

Include equipment and accessories that help you stay organized so you can maintain the appeal of your office design. Desks with plenty of storage, bins for paperwork, and filing cabinets can help you keep order in your home office so you can focus your attention on your to-do list.

Accessorize to Complete the Look

Finish up your new office décor with some great accessories that tie the space together. Choose artwork that adds color and visual stimulation to your interior design without too much distraction. You should also spend time choosing light fixtures and plants that liven up the space and make you feel more comfortable while you work.

Turn to Office Furniture Expo Atlanta to find everything you need to create the perfect home office. Our custom office furniture and accessories help you incorporate all the elements you need to create a stylish and functional home office. Check out our website or call (770) 455-0440 to learn more about our products and services. 

Could your home office space use a little more space? You may not be able to easily change the size of the room, but you can learn how to work with it. No matter how big or small your home office is, using the right furniture, accessories, and paint colors will help you make the most of your space.

Learn how to redesign your small home office by watching this video. Storage units help keep clutter off the desk and floor, letting you use this valuable space for work. Stay organized to avoid feeling cramped or crowded while working in a small office space.

Get the office furniture you need for any space here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. You can learn about our office furniture, including our custom options, by calling us at (770) 455-0440.


Confident Smiling Man Working At Desk

Do you like to work at home? A home office makes it easy to get motivated and get work done without ever leaving the house. Office Furniture Expo Atlanta offers a wonderful selection of office furniture, allowing you to find the perfect pieces for any type of space. Follow these tips to keep your home office clean and organized: 

Invest in the Right Office Furniture

The best way to maintain a clean office is to create an organized office. It is important to find office furniture that will help you stay clean while also working with the amount of space that you have. Desks, filing cabinets, and other forms of storage provide the space needed to make sure everything has its own space.

Put Items Away When You Are Done

Clutter can make a clean space look much dirtier than it really is. That is why it is important to avoid letting clutter build up in your office. Make sure you choose office furniture that provides enough space for all of your important items. Put items back in their designated spots when you are done using them for the day.

Get Rid of Items You No Longer Need

A lot of people end up filling their home offices with items that they do not need. Throw away or donate items that you will not use to keep your office as clean and organized as possible. When you have extra time, go through documents and other items to determine which ones you use and which ones you don’t. Get rid of any items you do not use to avoid clutter.

Include Your Home Office in Regular Cleaning Chores

It is important to clean your home office the same way you would clean any room in your home. Include your home office when you get to your regular chores. Dust off any surfaces, clean your electronics, and use a broom or vacuum cleaner to thoroughly remove dirt and debris from the floor.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can help you find the right office furniture and equipment for your space. Give us a call at (770) 455-0440 to learn about our desks, filing systems, and custom office furniture.

Home improvement: Young man and woman painting wall

If you need a new work environment, consider a home office. This type of space combines the comfort of home with the motivational environment of the office to create the perfect working atmosphere.

Start decorating your home office by choosing the right paint colors. The colors you choose will impact the overall mood of the room, which is why it is important to select shades that will help you stay motivated and keep you engaged with your surroundings. Neutral colors are always a good choice, and they can be enhanced with pops of color in your accessories. If you enjoy bright colors, find attractive and vibrant options to use for your walls. If you want a more relaxed visual setting, consider choosing softer or subtler colors.

After selecting the right colors, you can move on to your office furniture. Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has a wide variety of office furnishings, allowing you find the best pieces for your space. Call us at (770) 455-0440 for more information.

Business woman working at home

A home office can be a useful room for parents, children, and even household guests. This room provides a space to sit down and focus on work, whether it is traditional work, homework, or a fun hobby. If you want to add a home office to your space, make sure you create the right atmosphere with some of these office furniture organization and storage options:


No office is complete without a desk. Whether you work from home or just need a space for hobbies, it is important to choose a desk that will provide a flat surface where you can write, draw, and tackle responsibilities. A desk will also offer storage space for paperwork, office supplies, and other items you want to store in this room.


If you need more space than what you find in desk drawers, you can add a bookcase to your home office. This piece of furniture is perfect for holding books and other important paperwork you need to access while working. Bookcases also provide space for decorative items.

Filing Cabinets

Stick to traditional forms of storage by choosing filing cabinets for your home office. These items can be placed up against the wall, providing a lot of storage while taking up a small amount of space. Filing cabinets are simple and sleek, and it’s easy to find a color and size that will work with your home office.

Storage Cabinets

If you want something a little less traditional, select a storage cabinet instead of a filing cabinet. These storage options combine the functionality of a filing cabinet with the aesthetic appeal of a bookcase. You can store important documents, decorative items, clothing or other items you need.

Find the perfect storage pieces for your home office here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We offer an amazing selection of office furniture, including desks, filing cabinets, and other equipment. Learn more by checking out our website or calling us at (770) 455-0440.

The monitor on a desk

Your work space should be designed with function in mind. The right office furniture can make your work day more productive. For example, you’re wasting time if you frequently cross the hall to retrieve paperwork because your desk isn’t big enough to keep everything you need.

To determine the right size office desk for you, gather together all of the items you want to place on your desk, from your computer to your knickknacks. Arrange them on a large table, and then sit at the table and pretend to work. Notice whether there is sufficient elbow room and whether the items are crowded. When your office items are arranged the right way, measure the dimensions of your work space. The work surface of your office desk should offer at least that much space. Additionally, when shopping for your office desk, make sure there is enough clearance space for your legs. Most desks offer about 29 to 30 inches of clearance space.

Choose from a wide selection of traditional or contemporary office desks available at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Residents of the Atlanta area are encouraged to call us at (770) 455-0440 or visit our website for more information.

For many people, the home office is the most mismatched room in the home. It often serves as storage space for non-work related items, and the office furniture rarely melds with the overall design of the room. Although selecting artful office furniture is one step toward creating a Zen home office design, you can improve the design scheme further by considering the overall symmetry of the space.

Watch this video for some inspiration on Zen home office designs. You’ll see a couple’s home office before a designer completely transforms the space. This designer makes good use of symmetrical lines that are consistent across the walls, carpet, furniture, and storage areas.

For more helpful design tips, contact the experts at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. You can visit our huge Atlanta showroom to browse our selection of office furniture or contact us at (770) 455-0440.


Woman in home office

Working from a home office is a dream for many people. Although telecommuting or running your own home business offers definite perks, it also has some potential downsides. For example, it may be challenging to balance your personal and work lives, and you may find that you’re more distracted in a home office. Fortunately, a little pre-planning can reduce these issues. While you’re selecting office equipment and custom furniture, take some time to consider the overall design scheme of your home office.

Designate Your Work Space

Sleep experts agree that people who have trouble sleeping should avoid doing other activities, such as watching TV, in bed. The same principles are applicable to your home office. Designate a space solely for work purposes. It’s ideal to have a separate room for your home office. Otherwise, consider sectioning off a generous area of a room with decorative room dividers. Remember to leave plenty of space for your office desk, equipment, and any storage you might need.

Adjust the Ambience

A clutter-free work space lends itself to a spirit of productivity. Avoid using your work space to store non-work related items. The items you keep in your office should be well organized. Although you may wish to hang a few pieces of artwork in your home office, it’s a good idea to leave plenty of empty wall space to avoid a cramped appearance.

Design Your Space

Once the basic elements of your office are in place, consider your overall design scheme. An ideal design scheme depends largely on your personal preferences. If you enjoy a touch of whimsy, consider hanging some decorative lanterns above your desk. However, make sure you keep your office space at least somewhat formal to set the right tone for productivity.

For some helpful advice on equipping your home office, contact Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Our in-house staff is trained in custom design services to suit every office’s need. We invite you to call us at (770) 455-0440 to learn more or visit our showroom in Atlanta.

Home office.

Setting up a business in your home is an exciting process. One of the many decisions you’ll have to make is how to arrange your office furniture. Arranging your furniture mindfully can increase your productivity and set the tone for your office. Above all, your space should be functional. Keep reading for some inspirational ideas on arrangements.

Office Desk

Your office desk is the focal point of your work space. Since you’ll likely spend most of your time at your desk, position it in a manner that is most comfortable for you. Place it close to a wall to allow for foot traffic, and make sure there is enough space between your chair and the wall to prevent a cramped appearance. If you use a computer for work, place the desk close to a wall outlet. Many people prefer to position the desk so they can work while facing the door. Or, you may prefer to face a window.


In addition to selecting a comfortable office chair, consider additional seating for your work space. If you expect to see clients in your home office, purchase one or more comfortable chairs and line them against a wall facing your desk. You may also wish to position an additional chair on the opposite side of your desk for client meetings.


It’s helpful to store the items you use most frequently close to your desk. You might consider placing a small filing cabinet next to your desk for easy access. If you require additional storage space, position one or more filing cabinets behind your desk. If there is insufficient space behind your desk, place your filing cabinets in a corner to prevent interference with foot traffic.

Since 1981, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has provided high-quality office furniture to Atlanta-area home offices and other businesses. We invite you to visit our 100,000 square foot showroom to view our wide selection of new and used office furniture. Or, call (770) 455-0440 to speak with a friendly representative about custom-designed furniture.

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Employee morale can have a huge impact on productivity, communication, and other essential elements needed in order to run a successful business. If you've noticed that your employees have become lazy, careless, or discouraged lately, then it's time to infuse some positivity into your professional environment. Here are several effective ways to improve employee morale in the workplace:

Partake in Group Activities

When was the last time that your office went bowling together or partook in a corporate retreat? Activities outside of the office—whether work-related or not—are the perfect method for bridging gaps between coworkers, settling any personal conflicts, and strengthening camaraderie in the workplace. Creating exciting team-building events is easy as they can be as extravagant as a family playday at the Georgia Aquarium or a weekly happy hour event at your neighborhood sushi bar.

Evaluate Daily Workloads

One of the quickest ways to discourage employees is to give them more work than they can accomplish in a suggested time frame. Instead of overworking your staff and pushing them to their physical or mental breaking points, evaluate their daily workloads and make adjustments wherever necessary. You're more likely to see quality results when employees have the time and energy necessary to invest in each project.

Create a Comfortable and Stimulating Environment

You can also enhance employee morale by purchasing artwork, appliances, and custom office furniture that make the workplace more attractive. When shopping for office furniture, look for office desks that are both interesting and comfortable so that workers won't develop body aches by noon each day. When office furniture is both nice to look at and to use, employees will feel more relaxed and inspired to get to work.

If you could use a helping hand in transforming your workspace into a more comfortable environment for your employees, then visit Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Since 1981 we have been helping Atlanta businesses create the feel-good indoor environment they long for. Find out more about how our products can boost employee comfort and morale by calling (770) 455-0440.

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