Office Furniture Expo offers full delivery services on every piece of furniture we sell. Because we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles and delivery personnel, we have the ability to deliver furniture anywhere in the state—and even out of state. If you need your furniture delivered in the Metro Atlanta area, we can provide our delivery services Monday - Saturdays and after 5 p.m. on weekdays. We can also ship our items anywhere in the U.S. Charges for delivery will vary, depending on the size of you order, where you are located and when you need your items delivered. There is never a charge to pick up your items at our Showroom.

Office Furniture Expo will be happy to provide you with quick and efficient delivery service when you need your new office furniture delivered. We have thousands of new and used pieces of office furniture and accessories for you to choose from when you are planning your office layout. You can contact us any time by calling (770) 455-0440.


Every employer wants to ensure that their office is as productive as possible. Allowing OFE to create a custom office layout for your business can be the best way to ensure that your employees have a comfortable and fruitful environment to work in. Here are some of the elements that the most successful office spaces share.

Quality furniture. Investing in quality chairs, desks, collaborative areas and conference tables for your employees will pay off many times over in terms of productivity. When your employees have comfortable, ergonomically designed chairs to sit in, they'll be much more likely to do good work. Buying quality furniture that will endure for many years also sends a message about your business' s commitment to professionalism.

Proper lighting. Lighting makes an enormous difference to employees' productivity. Bright fluorescent lights can be distracting, but relying too much on natural light from the windows can result in excessive dimness at times. Desktop LED and CFL lamps are a great choice for providing your workspace with efficient yet effective lighting throughout the day.

Thoughtful layout. It's important to put some thought into where those chairs, desks, and tables will go. Individual workspaces should have enough space between them that employees can get up and move around without disturbing their co-workers, but they ought to be close enough to allow for quick collaboration. Using Sit to Stand desks help foster productivity and creating a sense of openness in your workspace will help to foster a comfortable and confident work environment.

Are you in need of furniture or accessories for your workspace? Based in Atlanta, Office Furniture Expo carries a wide-ranging selection of top-of-the-line office furniture from the world's best manufacturers, including desks, chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, and panel systems. We have been voted the Consumers' Choice Award for Business Excellence for 15 consecutive years for our dedication to providing our customers with the best service possible. If you'd like to find out how we can help you furnish your office space, call (770) 455-0440.

If you have taken the time to purchase quality furniture for your office, it's only natural that you want it to look good for as long as possible. Fortunately, a good piece of furniture should last for many years—if properly cared for. Here are some essential guidelines for ensuring that your office furniture lasts and looks good too.

Be quick to clean up stains. If you spill anything on your furniture, blot up the spill with a paper or cloth towel right away. Even water can damage your furniture if it isn't cleaned up immediately, and other liquids such as alcohol can ruin the appearance of furniture very quickly. To reduce the chances of a spill, use coasters and place mats when eating or drinking on any office furniture.

Be wary of extreme temperatures swings. If possible, it's best to keep your office at a moderate temperature to protect your furniture. If a piece of furniture is kept in rooms that are either very hot or very cold, it can damage the furniture over time. Do not place office furniture right next to air conditioning or furnace vents, which can cause the wood to gradually dry out and crack. Do not place any office furniture in direct sunlight as this may "bleach" many finishes.

Wipe your furniture regularly. To prevent dust and debris from accumulating on the surface of your furniture, wipe down every piece with a soft, slightly damp cloth once a week. When cleaning wooden furniture, be sure that you always wipe in the direction of the grain. Avoid using commercial cleaning products, which may contain harsh chemicals that can stain your furniture's finish. Never use a mechanical buffer to "shine" a piece of furniture as many are designed with a "matte" or low-luster finish and an improperly used buffer may damage your furniture.

Office Furniture Expo offers a constantly changing selection of new and used office furniture from the world's finest manufacturers, including chairs, tables, file cabinets, and much more. We'll be happy to help you select the perfect furniture for the needs of your workspace. To learn more about our inventory, give us a call today at (770) 455-0440.

If your office is in need of a safe and dependable way to store your external computer media and critical paper work files, Office Furniture Expo can provide you with the versatile choices you're looking for. Our file cabinets and storage units come in a wide range of different designs, and include options such as fireproof metal and smart, contemporary designs. Our combination of consistently reliable quality and reasonable pricing makes them an ideal fit for any office or workspace.

When it's time to purchase office furniture for your Atlanta space, Office Furniture Expo can help you choose the perfect office furniture pieces. Our Warehouse has 100,000 square feet of space dedicated to new and used furniture from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Once you've found the right item, we can deliver it to your office—whether you're in the Metro Atlanta area or out of state. If you'd like to know more, call (770) 455-0440.

Choosing the right layout for your office is essential to ensuring that you have the most suitable environment for your workplace. There was a time when many office layouts were drab and monotonous, but that era is long past. Today, many businesses customize their offices to give their employees a setting that is as ergonomically comfortable and productive to working as possible. Here are some of the basic office layouts you might want to take into account as you plan your own.

Open office. An open office is designed as a free-flowing interior space without any barriers. There aren't any cubicles or even dividing walls. This type of layout is perfect for small offices where you need to maximize your available space, and they are also well-suited for professions where groups of people will be collaborating in close quarters. However, they may not be ideal for jobs where employees need to work in privacy and relative quiet.

Traditional office. A traditional office has separate spaces for every employee, usually with a door for every space. Traditional office layouts are well-suited to many types of jobs, particularly professions which require frequent phone calls or sensitive information. However, many businesses do not have the space to provide separate offices for all of their employees. It can also be impractical to add a new office space for each new addition to the staff, yet this type of layout works best for many businesses.

Cubicle-based office. Many offices solve the challenge of creating a separate space for every employee by using cubicles. Depending on the type of cubicle an office uses, this can make for a flexible and easily altered space that is practical for startups and other developing businesses. Cubicles allow for some degree of privacy, but are also conducive to quick meetings and ongoing collaboration.

The team at Office Furniture Expo can help you develop the perfect layout for your office. Our Showroom in Atlanta has an extensive selection of new and used office furniture for your business to choose from. You can get started today by calling (770) 455-0440.

Office Furniture Expo offers full delivery services on every piece of furniture we sell. Because we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles and delivery personnel, we have the ability to deliver furniture anywhere in the state—and even out of state. If you need your furniture delivered in the Metro Atlanta area, we can provide our delivery services Monday through Friday and on Saturdays and after 5:00PM on weekdays. We can also ship our items anywhere in the US. Charges for delivery vary, depending on your location, volume of furniture, delivery day, time and other conditions. Or, pick up your items at our Showroom at no extra charge.

If you need your new office furniture to be delivered to your Atlanta area office or home office, Office Furniture Expo will be happy to provide you with quick and efficient service. We have hundreds of new and used pieces of office furniture available and many furniture accessories for you to choose for your workspace. You can contact us any time by calling (770) 455-0440 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Does your reception area say "welcome in" to customers? It's likely to be most visitors' first impression of your business. Everything from the color of the walls to the quality of the office furniture matters. It's worth every business owner's time have a layout that will impress visitors with its professionalism while remaining comfortable. Here are some elements of your reception area that you shouldn't overlook.

Seating. Comfortable chairs are a must for any reception area. Make sure that you have enough chairs or sofas—and enough room—for as many visitors as you might expect on a busy day. Arrange them with plenty of open space between them so that your visitors are not sitting too closely to each other. If you have the space, you might also add some tables with power ports so visitors can charge their devices and magazines on them to give your visitors something to read while they wait.

Décor. Adding the right décor to your reception area can give it the perfect touch. Tastefully arranged potted plants, lamps, mirrors, framed art and other accessories will give your room a unique character that many waiting rooms lack. Don't be afraid to get creative and add the kind of furniture accessories you'll find at Office Furniture Expo's Showroom.

Colors. The color of your waiting room can have a surprising effect on the mood of the people there. For instance, soft blue and green shades tend to be calming and reassuring, which are suitable for most office environments. Whatever type of mood you aim to create in your reception area, it's important to take some time to think about the mood you wish to create for your customers and employees.

If you're ready to furnish your office with high-quality chairs, desks, tables, storage cabinets, and other workplace essentials, Office Furniture Expo can be your guide. We have a wide-ranging selection of new, used and custom designed office furniture at our Showroom in Atlanta. Visit us today or call (770) 455-0440 for more information.

Fabrics are the foundation of your custom office furniture look, and Momentum Fabrics gives the selection you need to express your vision. Office Furniture Expo is pleased to offer quality Momentum Fabrics as an option for your custom design items, including office chairs and other pieces.

The Momentum Group is a leading supplier of sustainable fabrics from four recognized names in the textile industry: Textus, LoomSource, Sina Pearson, and Momentum Textiles. Each collection offers its own unique blend of colors, patterns, and textures, with an overall commitment to quality and sustainability. Every type of business can find the fabric that fits their unique style among the Momentum Collection.

For new, used, and custom office furniture in Atlanta, choose Office Furniture Expo. Thanks to our relationships with quality suppliers and a large inventory of used furniture, companies of all sizes can find the pieces they need in our Showroom. Stop by to browse our selection, or call us today at (770) 455-0440 to learn more.

When it is time to outfit your workspace, used office furniture can be a good way to make the most of your budget. A variety of types of used office furniture is available, from office seating to office storage, and with careful selection, no one what you will know that your furniture isn't new. At Office Furniture Expo, our huge selection of used furniture includes something for every office, and our design professionals are available to answer your questions. Here are some of the questions you may want to address as you make your furniture selections.

Why should I consider used office furniture?

Most people initially consider used office furniture for the savings, but there are other benefits as well. Used furniture is a great way for your business to go green. Each year, 8.8 million tons of usable office equipment, of which 34% is furniture, ends up in landfills in the U.S. That represents a tremendous waste of resources, which is then compounded by the additional loss of resources and pollution generated by creating new furniture. Deciding to buy used furniture is an eco-friendly solution and an easy way for your business to lessen its carbon footprint. Office Furniture Expo has sold over 15 million pounds of used office furniture since 1981.

Do you have matching items?

In many cases, you can easily put together a complete set of furniture with used pieces. Companies typically get rid of sets of furniture together, which means that matching items end up for sale at the same time. This means you can easily put together things like matching desks and chairs, filling cabinets, or conference tables and seating. Used furniture does not necessarily mean mismatched furniture.

How should I care for my furniture?

You can extend the life of your furniture even further by caring for it properly. Your office design professional can provide advice for caring for wood, fabrics, and other materials to reduce the toll of wear and tear on your pieces.

Office Furniture Expo has an enormous inventory of used office furniture in Atlanta that changes daily. We're happy to answer your questions about our selection. Call us today at (770) 455-0440 for more information.

Office tables for your conference, breakroom or collaborative areas have to be functional, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. With stock or custom table designs, you can create the perfect furniture for your needs and your office's overall aesthetic. When you're working with our office furniture design professionals, consider these ideas.

Experiment with Materials

Office tables of every type can be made in hardwoods, veneers, and composite laminates, so consider experimenting with materials to create a unique look for your office. If you are creating tables for an executive suite or a law firm, hardwood may be the right choice, but consider using a lighter color of wood than the traditional, dark woods usually seen in these businesses. If you have a creative firm, experience with different veneers or textures for tables that add to the vibrancy of your overall office design.

Customize Your Size Needs

One of the advantages of designing custom office tables is that you can get them in the perfect sizes for your firm's space. Instead of choosing cookie-cutter table sizes, choose a variety of sizes for different spaces in your office. For instance, choose a supersized conference table for office-wide meetings or client presentations and then a mixture of tables for people to work solo or in small groups. This approach allows you to maximize both your space and your efficiency.

Consider Your Company Culture

The tables and seats you have in your office have a tremendous impact on your company's culture. Think of the workspace you want to create when you are designing your custom tables. If you hope to encourage collaboration and teamwork, focus on the types of tables that welcome group sessions. If your office requires quiet, privacy and individual work areas, be sure that you don't inadvertently invite the opposite with the workspaces you design. Data ports and charging options can be added to any table you choose.

Let an office design professional in Atlanta at Office Furniture Expo help you create custom tables that fit your business. Visit our Showroom or find out more about our new and used office furniture by calling (770) 455-0440.

At Office Furniture Expo, we know you don't have time to take away from running your business to assemble new office furniture. We make it easy for you to get the furniture you need without the distractions and downtime with our assembly services. Here is what you need to know.

Most of the furniture you purchase at Office Furniture Expo can be assembled for you at your place of business for no additional charge. Some items, such as value-priced merchandise or RTA (ready-to-assemble) pieces, do not include assembly in their prices. You can decide to do the minimal assembly on your own or have us assemble it for you for a small additional fee. Your office design professional can review your options with you at the time of purchase.

If you're in the market for office furniture in Atlanta, Office Furniture Expo is here to make the process as easy as possible. Whether you need office chairs, desks, or bookcases, get the help you need by calling us today at (770) 455-0440.

The Consumers' Choice Award was created by the Consumers' Choice Institute in 1986 to honor companies that offer the very best in customer care and service to their communities. Companies in major cities throughout North America are eligible and are evaluated based on a wide range of categories. Unlike other corporate awards, the Consumers' Choice Award is based on feedback directly from consumers, who respond to queries about the businesses in their communities. Office Furniture Expo is honored to have received this award more than 10 consecutive times.

When you see a company with a Consumer' Choice Award, like Office Furniture Expo, you can rest assured that that business is committed to providing the very best value and service to their customers and is engaged in betterment of the community as whole, outside of their specific business activities.

Office Furniture Expo strives to continue to provide all of our customers with the service that has helped us earn this recognition so many times. Our huge selection of new and used office furniture, including office chairs and desks in Atlanta, and our unparalleled customer service keeps our clients coming back. Find out how we can help your business by calling (770) 455-0440.

Your office breakroom may not be where the most important deals for your business happen, but it is every bit as essential to your success as your high-powered meeting room. A breakroom is an investment in office morale and effective employee relationships. It gives employees a place to catch their breath during a busy day, collaborate and catch up with each other, which helps to build trust among your team and keep people motivated. If your breakroom needs a facelift or if you're building your first break space, here is a look at the office furniture pieces you'll need to make it function.


To make your breakroom as versatile as possible, choose multiple types of tables and put them together in different configurations. There should be space for a group to share lunch or coffee as well as small areas for individuals to sit. Some of the tables should be grouped for impromptu collaboration sessions. Getting multiple types of tables doesn't have to make you go over budget. Mix new and used office tables, or simply buy all used to get the look you want without compromising your budgetary restrictions.


As with your tables, your breakroom should have multiple seating options. Plastic or metal chairs that are easy to wipe down can form the foundation of your seating, but consider adding a few more comfortable options for longer breaks. This is also a good opportunity to break from your usual office décor and add in some bright, vibrant, funky options that may not be appropriate for your workspace.


Your breakroom won't feel very peaceful if it is cluttered and untidy, so storage is essential. A combination of cabinets and movable drawers is a great solution. Again, both new and used choices can keep your room organized and inviting.

When you're ready to choose office furniture in Atlanta, choose Office Furniture Expo. With our wide selection of new and used office furniture as well as custom design options, we'll always have what your business needs. To find out more, please call (770) 455-0440.

Every part of your office is a reflection of your business, so nothing short of a unique design will truly reflect your Company's identity. If you want a custom design for your office but have been scared away at the prospect of creating a design that truly works, the office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo are here to help. One of the tools we put to use to give you the best possible design for your business is needs is CAD.

CAD stands for computer-aided design. It's a tool our office design professionals can use to let you see how your custom office will look before investing in office furniture and beginning the selection process. Get a 3D representation of how your office furniture and space will look and test out things like how filing cabinets will work on each side of the room or how the space is changed by different kinds of office seating, before making any buying decisions.

Office Furniture Expo can help you build your custom office from the ground up with our wide selection of new and used office furniture in Atlanta. Visit our showroom or talk to an office design professional today by calling (770) 455-0440.

Color plays a major role in branding. Business owners and managers should pay careful attention to what colors they use in every aspect of their companies - including office décor. When purchasing new or used office furniture, picking the right color doesn't cost you anything extra, but it can be a great marketing tool! Be sure to consider these factors when deciding on colors:

First Impression

Color is often the first thing customers notice about your brand or company, whether they're looking at your logo or décor. It has a massive impact on a customer's purchasing decision, 60-80% to be exact! Once you've made an impression, good or bad, it's next to impossible to change it, so be conscious about the image you portray from the start.

Color and Mood

Colors evoke feelings, so they can be harnessed to impact your customers' emotions. Red evokes energy and aggression, while blue puts people at ease. Black is associated with timelessness, luxury, and sophistication, and white portrays nobility and cleanliness. The colors featured in your office will have a huge impact on your customers' moods and perceptions of the company culture.

Different Colors for Different Industries

Since different colors create different moods, it's important to choose the right one for your business. Different industries call for different colors. Red is a popular choice for the food and automobile industries, since it grabs people's attention and portrays high energy. Black is often used for clothing and technology companies to create an air of sophistication. Your choice of colors can be a strategic tool to aid your business.

The experts at Office Furniture Expo can help you choose the right custom office furniture colors and pieces to help you build your brand. Whether you need new office seating or used filing cabinets in Atlanta, our showroom has it all. Stop by, visit us online, or call (770) 455-0440 to learn more.

Buying used furniture will help you rein in your budget without sacrificing an iota of quality. At Office Furniture Expo, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of affordable used and pre-owned office furniture for a variety of different office styles and budgets. We have hundreds of used pieces of furniture available for purchase, ranging from desks and chairs to sofas and lamps. At our warehouse and showrooms, you'll find furnishings to meet any conceivable need you might have in your office, including oversized conference tables, ergonomic chairs, computer desks, and credenzas. You'll even find accessories such as keyboard trays and chair mats. We are constantly adding to our inventory, so don't miss out on the incredible value you'll find by shopping with us.

To keep our selection truly unbeatable, we need your used office furniture to complete our collection. You can find out more about our office furniture in Atlanta by calling (770) 455-0440 today.

Customized furniture is ideal for any work environment, since it enables you to choose every aspect of your office furniture, from color to layout. Your designer can provide you with detailed designs for your new office furniture that incorporate all of your priorities. You may want to furnish your office at a budget, or you may want to design furniture that complements the style of your company. You can finish off any piece of furniture with a Wilsonart laminate surface. Wilsonart offers a wide variety of colors, ranging from understated grays to bold reds and greens, along with a new collection of laminate surfaces that mimic marble, quartz, wood grain, and granite.

Wilsonart is just one company that Office Furniture Expo is proud to partner with to bring you beautiful custom designs for your office furniture. Whether you are just starting out and are looking for used office furniture in Atlanta or you are expanding your successful business and need new office chairs, desks, and other pieces of furniture to complete the look, we are here to help. You can learn more about our products and services by calling us today at (770) 455-0440.

Choosing artwork for your office can be just as important as choosing furniture. Just like furniture, artwork makes a statement about your business and gives an impression to your clients. As you begin to consider artwork to complement your office décor, keep these factors in mind:

First Impressions

The eye-catching nature of artwork makes it likely to be the first thing your clients see, so it needs to communicate the right message. The art doesn't necessarily need to relate to the industry of your company, but it should reflect the culture. For example, if your company is an accounting firm with traditional office furniture, a classical piece of art can help communicate a stable environment. If most of your customers are in creative industries, more vibrant and edgy artwork can help convey a fun culture and an attitude of openness to new ideas. Alternatively, if your clients come to you in times of distress, such as in a divorce law practice, artwork featuring calming nature scenes can bring tranquility into the room.


The right artwork for your business doesn't have to break the bank. Before you go art shopping, set a budget and stick to it. Just as with furniture, you can purchase artwork to fit your price range. Consider checking out up-and-coming artists, prints of famous pieces, and selections at used office furniture stores. If you learn how to shop smart, you can fill your office with the perfect artwork at a reasonable price.

Mixed Media

Don't limit yourself to walls when choosing artwork for your office. Consider adding sculptures, vases, and other pieces to your office space as well. A mixture of different materials, textures, and colors also helps keep your space interesting. Often artists even use mixed materials within a single piece. An office filled with too much of the same type of art can risk looking like a gallery, whereas a variety of art can effectively create the desired atmosphere.

Spotlight on Atlanta Artist Scott O'Neill

Scott O'Neill is a local artist who has lived in Atlanta, Georgia for more than 40 years. As a photographer with a degree in marketing, O'Neill produces highly desired images that connect with the viewers on a personal level. O'Neill's "Atlanta Collection" features scenery and architecture at a level that can only be achieved by someone with an in-depth knowledge of the area and its people. O'Neill effectively demonstrates the important connection between art and marketing.

At Office Furniture Expo, we offer an extensive collection of new and used office furniture in Atlanta, from bookcases to office chairs, as well as an array of artwork to complete your décor. Stop by our showroom today or talk to one of our office design professionals by calling (770) 455-0440.

Bookcases, shelving units and storage cabinets are essential parts of your office décor, not just for their style but also for their functionality. The right bookcases and shelving units help you keep your office organized so you can present a professional face to your clients. Bookcases, shelving units and storage cabinets are available in both new and used office furniture, as well as custom designed. Keep these tips in mind for using bookcases and shelving to create the look you want for your office.

Executive Bookcases

Executive bookcases combine form and function. They can be traditional or contemporary in design and are often tall, sturdy, and made of wood or glass and metal. They should provide ample storage without looking cluttered. These bookcases belong in executive suites and within other management offices rather than in open spaces. These solid bookcases are designed for executive spaces because their design speaks to strength and leadership.

Metal Bookcases and Storage Cabinets

Although metal bookcases and storage cabinets might not have the chic design qualities of executive bookcases, they are useful additions to any office. These bookcases or storage cabinets provide essential storage, particularly for papers and files that can easily make an office look cluttered and disorganized. Likewise, these cabinets and cases make finding business papers and supplies easy, since they can all be sorted and arranged in a way that makes your office storage and filing more efficient. Consider keeping these storage units in back areas including supply and copy/fax areas and other functional spaces where they won't be the focal point of a room's design.

Wall Systems

Wall systems offer flexible bookcase and shelving options that can be custom-designed to fit your space. Choose the module elements you need and pick the color, style, and material of the unit so that it blends into your office décor seamlessly. Wall systems can work in nearly any part of your office, from the reception area to meeting and conference rooms.

Office Furniture Expo is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes find the perfect new and used office furniture for their specific needs. Come to our Showroom to see our selection of office furniture in Atlanta and to learn more about our design services. You can also find out more about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

Upgrading a commercial workspace or installing a home office is a considerable challenge. When it comes to office furniture, you need to keep several important factors in mind simultaneously: cost, comfort, practicality and aesthetics. Instead of spending many thousands of dollars on brand new office furniture, you might consider seeing what used items are available at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta.

There are a number of benefits that come with purchasing used office furniture. For one, used furniture is almost always cheaper than new furniture. Also, purchasing used furniture reduces the demand for new furniture to be manufactured, thereby reducing your business's impact on the environment. After a short tour of Office Furniture Expo, you should be able to find used office furniture that looks as good as new furniture, and suits your needs.

If you have any questions about used office furniture in Atlanta, don't hesitate to call Office Furniture Expo at (770) 455-0440. We're dedicated to providing Atlanta-area businesses with high-quality new and used office furniture at affordable prices.

If you buy a sturdy office chair or desk, you probably expect it to stay in decent shape for years. However, this is only the case if you remember to perform regular preventative maintenance. Fortunately, maintaining your office furniture can be easy as long as you follow these simple pieces of advice.

Tighten Bolts and Screws

After months or years of spinning and adjusting bolts and screws, certain parts of your office furniture may become unstable. This is because the screws and bolts holding the components together have become loose. This issue can be remedied by simply tightening the loose bolts or screws with a wrench or screwdriver. Failing to tighten bolts or screws on a regular basis could result in wobbly or totaled furniture.

Dust Occasionally

Maintaining desks and other expensive pieces of office furniture is exceedingly easy. Often times, dust and exposure to sunlight is what causes wooden desks to show their age faster than necessary. Taking a duster or a slightly damp cloth to clean your desk once every few weeks can go a long way toward keeping it looking great, thus delaying the cost and hassle of purchasing a new one.

Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

Of course, there may come a time when your office furniture needs a more thorough cleaning than a simple dusting can provide. When it comes time to give your furniture a deep clean, make sure you select the right cleaning products. This is especially important for wooden furniture, as certain products on certain finishes could cause irreversible damage. If possible, contact the manufacturer for cleaning product recommendations, and then share the information with your employees or cleaning staff.

Here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we're experts in all things related to new and used office furniture. The next time you need office furniture in Atlanta, feel free to call our office at (770) 455-0440. Our vast Warehouse boasts office furniture of all styles, and we also offer furniture repair.

When clients come to your office, you want to make sure your workspace looks as attractive as possible. In addition to augmenting the décor, comfortable seating can enhance office morale and prestige.

This video about Accommodate™ Seating provides a glimpse at the company's exquisite seating products. Whether you're looking for stackable guest chairs, counter-height stools, café-height stools, or bariatric chairs, Accommodate™ has the right model for you. All of the products featured in this video come in several colors, and feature attractive, contemporary designs.

If you're interested in any of the chairs featured in this video, call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (770) 455-0440. Our 100,000 sq.-ft. Showroom boasts an extraordinary selection of high-quality office furniture.


One mark of a successful business is its ability to set itself apart from the competition. If you're looking to enhance your business's creativity, you might consider starting with your work space. Creating a bold aesthetic can inspire your employees to think a certain way, while comfortable and contemporary office furniture can boost morale, productivity, and creativity.

Sit/Stand Desks

Sitting at a desk all day is not ideal for your employees' health. If you're looking for a new way to arrange your office and keep your employees healthy, consider investing in sit/stand desks. These types of adjustable desks allow your employees to sit and stand at different points throughout the day.

Ergonomic Seating

If you don't want sit/stand desks, consider investing in your employee's well-being with ergonomic seating. You'll find that comfortable employees are more productive, and that the presence of contemporary ergonomic seating gives your office a more creative vibe.

Benching Systems and Collaborative Environments

Another way to dial up the creativity and collaboration in your office is to do away with the bland cubicle systems. You might opt for an open office plan, or choose benching systems that make efficient use of your floor space with integrated sit/stand options while fostering a collaborative work environment that panel systems just won't allow. Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is your source for these creative, contemporary office environments.

Custom Design

If you're ready to take office creativity to the next level, consider working with Office Furniture Expo to create a custom workspace that suits your company's unique needs. Our in-house staff can use Computer Aided Design to help you and your employees come up with a layout that will optimize creativity, collaboration and productivity.

The next time you're looking to make a change to your Atlanta office, contact the team at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We're brimming with ideas for how to make your office as comfortable and stylish as possible. Call (770) 455-0440 to speak with one of our representatives.

Conference rooms can be a challenge to design because they require a careful balance of comfort and function. Meetings held in these spaces can be long, so the office seating must be comfortable, but it can't be so inviting and comfortable that people feel sleepy. When you're choosing office furniture for a conference room, keep these tips in mind.

Start by considering how the room will be used. If you envision smaller board meetings, then the seating could be similar to standard task chairs arranged around a long conference table. If you have a large room and expect to host large groups, modular tables and armless, stackable or nesting chairs are easy to arrange and to store in different configurations. For each scenario, choose office seating with good lumbar support to ensure pain and fatigue won't distract your attendees' attention from the meeting.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo will help you select office seating in Atlanta that strikes the right tone for your conference room. Start exploring your options today by calling (770) 455-0440.

If you need office furniture but aren't sure where to begin, you could be overlooking the best option for your business: used furniture. Used office furniture offers high quality at affordable prices and plenty of other benefits as well. Here is a look at why used office furniture could be your business' smartest investment.

Stay on Budget

Regardless of the other benefits, the first thing that makes many people consider used office furniture is the price. When you buy used office furniture, you simply get more for your money. By buying used, you can afford quality brands that you may have thought were out of reach and get more pieces at one time. For instance, instead of investing in one new desk, get the three used desks you need without going over your budget.

Go Green

Most businesses are looking for ways to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, but one easy way to go green that most companies overlook is used furniture. Buying used office furniture reduces landfill waste, cuts emissions created during the furniture production process, and helps to conserve wood. Given that 8.8 million tons of useable office equipment gets shipped to landfills each year, 34% of which is office furniture, your decision to bypass new furniture for used pieces can be part of fixing a significant problem.

Get Quality Furniture

Used office furniture is not synonymous with poor quality. As long as you choose the right used office furniture retailer, you can get gently used pieces that are still in top condition, so you don't have to compromise any part of your office design. The only people who have to know your furniture is used are the people involved in the purchasing process.

Office Furniture Expo offers an extensive collection of used office furniture in Atlanta, with almost ½ of our 100,000 sq. ft. of Showrooms and Warehouse devoted just to clearance and used pieces. See what we have to offer, from desks, credenzas, bookcases to office task seating and much, much, more, by stopping by our Showroom or calling (770) 455-0440.

What happens when your office needs change but your office furniture doesn't? Thanks to HON's complementary Accommodate™ Seating and Arrange™ Tables, you can build a dynamic office space that moves with your needs. Watch this video to learn more.

These innovative office seating and table systems from HON are adaptable to almost any office environment. You can arrange them in endless configurations to build the office space you want, for the most efficient workflow possible. When your needs change, simply rearrange the seating and chairs to meet your current demands, from collaboration spaces to individual workstations.

Office Furniture Expo is pleased to offer HON office furniture in Atlanta alongside our many other quality lines. From new office chairs to used desks, our office furniture store has it all. Learn more about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.


Medical offices and hospitals have unique needs when it comes to office furniture. In addition to creating workspaces for employees, there is a high demand for patient and visitor seating of all types. As you choose office furniture for a medical practice, keep these factors in mind.

Patient Needs

In medical offices, patients may be sitting for longer periods than is typical in other businesses. Further, they may have health needs that impact their abilities to sit comfortably. When choosing chairs, consider the needs of the patients. For instance, a bariatric surgery clinic may need wider chairs in their waiting rooms or reception areas, while a pediatrics office may require chairs in varying sizes. In hospital waiting rooms or reception areas, visitors may be waiting for extended periods of time when their loved ones undergo medical procedures and will appreciate comfortable seating options. Let the needs of the patients guide your decisions, particularly in terms of office chairs.

Professional Tone

The type of office furniture you choose says a great deal about your business. In medical offices, it is important to communicate a feeling of reliability and professionalism. Typically, this means traditional furniture choices, like darker finishes and quality desks and other furniture. Alternatively, you can create a contemporary environment using white or other neutrals and streamlined furniture pieces., Unusual furniture in discordant, bold colors and shapes is are usually better suited to tech or creative companies.


Medical offices require extensive HIPPA compliant and locking storage space for everything from records to medication samples. Ample storage ensures that the office looks organized to patients and that employees can easily find the things they need. Look for medical shelving, office desks with multiple locking drawers, and pieces that can do double duty, like tables or desks with drawers and secure storage cabinets.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo can guide you through the process of choosing new and used office furniture that is appropriate for your business. Visit our Showroom or contact us at (770) 455-0440 when you need office furniture in Atlanta to fit your company's needs and budget.

Storage is a constant struggle in most office spaces. Without the proper storage, your office can look disorganized and cluttered, which sends the wrong message to your clients. When you're choosing office furniture, make office storage a priority. By picking the right options, you can make organization easier for everyone in your office.

Typically, businesses benefit from having a variety of storage solutions – whether for paper, data or even fireproof files. Filing cabinets are an obvious choice that are essential for almost every office, but don't overlook bookcases, shelves, and office tables with storage drawers or cabinets. Office desks with ample drawer space also enhance your storage options. Avoid the mistake of buying only the storage you need now. Invest in pieces that have additional space that you can grow into, as your storage needs are likely to evolve.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can help you choose the right office storage in Atlanta and make decisions about all of your office furniture needs. Get answers to your questions about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

One thing that most startups have in common is that they are rich in drive and ideas but sometimes short on budget. When you need to dedicate all of your resources to launching your business, how do you create a workspace that makes potential customers, clients, and employees see you as the professional you are? Used office furniture is the answer. With used office furniture, you can create a workplace that communicates stability and confidence without having to divert money from other important parts of your budget. Here's how to make used office furniture work for you in your startup.

Match Your Furniture to Your Ethos

Your office furniture instantly communicates your identity to your customers. When shopping for office furniture, look for pieces that send the right message about your company. If your startup is a tech business or a creative endeavor, steer clear of traditional, dark wooden pieces and look for contemporary office chairs and desks that combine glass, laminate or metal and minimal design. If you are launching a law practice, look for used furniture that is sturdy and traditional. Because executive style, wood desks can be expensive, used desks are a great way to demonstrate your professionalism while you're building your client base.

Prioritize Functional Pieces

Your office furniture will evolve over time, so focus on investing in the most functional pieces possible in the startup stage of your business. You will need office seating, filing cabinets, desks, and tables to create a productive place to work. As your business grows, add pieces that complement your design rather than compromising on the basics in the early stages in favor of items you want more than you need.

Look for Quality

Used office furniture might have a good price tag, but that doesn't have to mean that it is cheap. Choose value-priced used pieces that are sturdy and in good condition that will last without looking like you're cutting corners. Quality used office furniture doesn't look second-hand.

For a great selection of used office furniture in Atlanta, visit the Showroom at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Find out more about our products and talk to an office design professional by calling (770) 455-0440.

Do you ever wonder where the furniture on your favorite TV shows and movies comes from? Thanks to the thriving entertainment industry in Atlanta, the answer may be Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. From The Walking Dead to Mother's Day, our pieces have graced the both the big and small screens over and over again. Along with our huge range of new and used office furniture, we have an extensive collection of custom furniture for any filming need as well as for your production offices.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has established itself as leader in providing Atlanta-based and national production companies with the set pieces they need to create the perfect design, no matter what the budget. Find out why some of the biggest names in the industry turn to us when they need production furniture by contacting us and learning more about our extensive line of brands and styles that can make your scenes come to life.

Whether your need is for office chairs, desks, files, conference tables or any of over 1000 other pieces of furniture for TV or film productions in Atlanta, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is your one-stop shop. Our design professionals are waiting to help you today. Call (770) 455-0440 to start your order.

Bookshelves are office furniture staples. They are cost-effective organization solutions and can also add style and flair. The trick is selecting the right bookshelves for your space so that they are functional and blend well with your other office furniture. As you explore your shelving options, keep these tips in mind.

Choosing Bookshelves

The first step in picking bookshelves for your office is deciding on the appropriate size. You may wish to have multiple sizes for different areas of your office. For instance, if you have a reception area or check-in desk with a large wall, an oversized bookshelf or decorative bookcase or a glass display case can add functional storage and create a focal point for the room. For individual offices, smaller bookshelves, either short and wide or tall and lean, can be a better fit. Measure the wall space where you want to put the bookshelves, and don't forget to consider the size of the books or other materials you hope to store. Big binders that house company information require taller and deeper shelves than small books. When you have zeroed in on the size of shelves you need, look for styles that match your existing office furniture and your overall office aesthetic. For instance, contemporary offices may prefer laminate or metal shelves, while sturdy, wooden shelves work well in traditional workspaces.

Organizing Bookshelves

Your bookshelves will become eyesores without the proper organization. Lining up books from tallest to shortest in a row is an effective way of keeping things neat and tidy, but mixing things up a bit will inject style. Rather than stacking all of your books vertically in a row, put a horizontal stack of books on half of a shelf. Complement your books by adding small pieces of décor to the shelves. Don't overload the shelves and instead use negative space to give the eyes a place to rest. Resist the urge to let your bookshelves become the place that everything piles up, which gives your customers the impression that your office is disorganized.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta offers a variety of new and used office furniture in Atlanta for offices and budgets of all sizes, from office chairs to filing cabinets. Start your search for the perfect office furniture today by calling (770) 455-0440.

Boss Office Products is an LA-based furniture company specializing in reliable and classic office furniture pieces, from chairs to reception furniture and more. An office chair can be comfortable without being healthy—for example, it feels good to slouch, but it's bad for your spine. Boss Chairs are ergonomically designed to guarantee both comfort and health. Since 1990, Boss Office Products has provided quality office furniture to businesses all over the United States. Boss has showrooms in Commerce, CA; High Point; Atlanta, GA.

You can see and feel for yourself the comfort and quality of Boss Office Products at Office Furniture Expo. We offer a variety of furniture, partitions, custom design services, and more. To learn more about us, visit our website, give us a call at 770-455-0440, or drop in to our Showroom. We look forward to fulfilling your furniture needs.

Your office furniture always communicates information about your business to your customers, but the message may not come through any clearer than in the spaces and offices of the leadership or executive team. Whether you choose new or used office furniture, the pieces you select tell your employees and your customers a lot about you as a business leader. Here is how to make sure they get the right impression.

You Need Seating Options

It is not uncommon for office furniture to include a large desk and chair, with two additional chairs facing the desk. Although this set-up is practical, and even ideal in certain situations, it can also be intimidating. While you may wish to have that formal set-up for serious conversations, you should also have additional seating options in your office, such as a relaxed area with a couch or comfortable office chairs, in which you can encourage a less formal exchange of ideas. Employees will feel more comfortable brainstorming, collaborating, and otherwise contributing rather than feeling like they are sitting in front of the principal's desk.

Your Style Sets a Tone

The placement of your office furniture has more to do with the efficiency of your workspace than your style does, but style does tell a story about your business. Creative businesses may consider colorful or contemporary office furniture to show that they are tuned into trends, while legal practices may prefer traditional mahogany pieces to communicate reliability. Mismatching your style and your mission can send customers mixed signals, and as a leader, you set that tone.

Your Personal Needs Matter

Your furniture choices shouldn't just accommodate your customers and your employees. You also need a practical space in which to do your work. Consider things like ergonomic office chairs or industry-specific desks to ensure your office works for you.

At Office Furniture Expo, we can help you build a great office for your leadership position. Stop by our Showroom packed with new and used office furniture in Atlanta, and work with an office design professional to pull your office together. For more information, call us now at (770) 455-0440.

Buying office furniture is about much more than just finding a comfortable chair and a few office tables. In fact, your furniture is part of your business' image and tells your customers what to expect from your services. Thankfully, an office design professional can help you decode the cues your office furniture is giving your clients and settle on the right look for your workspace.

With our office design professionals, you don't have to compromise style or function. A designer can help you find furniture styles that are suited to your business' mission and that make your office more efficient. Since new and used office furniture comes in a range of prices, your designer can also balance your furniture budget, so you get the right desks, chairs, and more without putting your bottom line at risk.

The experienced designers at Office Furniture Expo use CAD tools to help you make the right choices about your office furniture, whether you're in the market for new chairs or used desks. Find out more about our custom design services by calling our Atlanta office furniture store (770) 455-0440.

Your front of office or reception area is the first thing that speaks to your customers about your business. They evaluate the space and make a judgment before they even talk to any of your employees. For this reason, the office furniture you choose has major significance. As you design your front of office or reception space, keep these tips in mind about choosing office seating and more.

Front Desk

In most reception spaces, the front desk is the focal point of the room. The nature of your business will dictate many factors when you choose a desk, including the size and style of the desk. Whatever desk you choose, it should face the door as customers come in, so your employees can greet them appropriately. Be sure to choose desks with ample drawer space, so your employees can keep the front desk tidy and organized. Additional filing cabinets and bookcases can also help with storage needs. For reception areas in which privacy is required, such as doctors' offices, medical and specialized filing as well as custom office furniture that includes a panel system can be a solution.


Customer seating should always be comfortable, but if your customers are waiting for important meetings, their seats shouldn't be as cozy as those in a spa reception area, since they want to remain alert. Include a mix of chairs and sofas or loveseats, so customers have a variety of options. Contemporary style furniture can work in creative or technology industries, while physicians, lawyers, and other serious businesses may wish to opt for traditional styles. If your business has wifi, make sure to include furniture that has connectivity for your customer's convenience.


Neutral or muted colors are good choices for companies who want to communicate stability and reliability to their customers. Creative businesses might want to show off their inventiveness by using bright colors in their reception spaces, or even office furniture with print fabrics.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo are committed to helping you choose the right office furniture for every space in your office. Begin the process of updating your front office or reception space, or simply browse our extensive selection of office furniture in Atlanta, when you stop by our Showroom or call (770) 455-0440.

After you've chosen the right Momentum Group fabric for your custom office furniture, the next step is to choose the right colorway - the range of combinations of colors in which a fabric design is available. There are a variety of options available from Momentum Group to ensure your fabric is exactly right for your custom design.

Momentum Group offers a number of in-line colorway options that can be ordered and applied directly to your in-stock cut yardage. Custom fabric colorways are also available on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, ordering a custom fabric colorway can extend the length of the delivery time. When you are choosing colorways, consider factors like longevity and protection as well as the appearance of the fabric.

The custom design team at Office Furniture Expo will walk you through the entire process of building custom office furniture in Atlanta, from choosing the right style and size for your office chairs and desks, to the coordinating colorway for your fabrics from Momentum Group. Talk to one of our custom office furniture specialists today by calling (770) 455-0440.

When you're choosing office furniture, one of the most critical elements to keep in mind is what the furniture you select says about your company. Your office furniture sets a tone that your customers will notice, and if it sends the wrong message, you could lose business. There is no single recipe that works for all business when it comes to choosing furniture that communicates that company's image to their customers. Instead, keep these general tips in mind as you select the pieces that fit with your company's culture.

Consider Colors Carefully

The colors you choose for your office furniture speak volumes about your business. Traditional colors, such as brown and black, and neutral colors speak to the seriousness of the environment. These colors work well in offices in which you want to communicate confidence and competence to your customers, such as in a law office or accounting firm. Bright colors, on the other hand, suggest creativity and flexibility. Colorful office furniture suits companies that create, such as ad firms, architectural firms, and graphic designers, or those that just want to project a fun work environment.

Decide About Desks

All employees need a work surface, but an office desk isn't the only option. Some companies prefer mobile workstations, shared tables, and other types of furniture that let employees vary their working environments. Static desks and office chairs fit traditional office environments. For tech companies, creative industries, and young start-ups, flexible desk and seating arrangements tell your customers that your workspace is fluid and collaborative.

Select the Right Storage

The office storage you select is tied to the decision you make about desks. Providing a large amount of storage for each employee again communicates a static environment where individual work happens, which fits some industries. Minimal individual storage with a greater amount of community storage says that employees move around the office to work collaboratively.

The design team at Office Furniture Expo will help you refine and communicate the message you want to send about your business. Build an efficient workspace with our new and used office furniture in Atlanta, and find out how our custom design team can help you. For more information, please call (770) 455-0440.

Since 1966, Global Furniture Group has been committed to producing high-quality office furniture at a price that fits into any company's budget. Today, Global achieves this goal by working with an integrated network of suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to develop and deliver a diverse range of office furniture products. We are constantly tweaking our office seating, desks, and more to meet the evolving needs of today's businesses. Customer feedback is critical to our mission of producing the pieces modern workspaces need.

Global creates furniture for several different sectors, including corporate businesses, healthcare, hospitality, and education. Our wide product line means we have the right furniture for the way you do business, from North America to Europe and the Middle East.

Office Furniture Expo is pleased to offer Global Furniture Group lines to meet your business' needs. Whether you're looking for new or used office furniture in Atlanta, our design specialists can help you build the right workspace. Find out more about our office furniture store by calling (770) 455-0440.

La-Z-Boy is one of the most recognizable names in American home and office furniture. In particular, the La-Z-Boy furniture brand is known for their comfortable seating options. While residential customers may love coming home to a La-Z-Boy recliner, La-Z-Boy office chairs are designed for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomic support. Here is a look at the story behind this iconic furniture brand.

Early Years

La-Z-Boy was founded in 1928 by two cousins, Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker, in Monroe, Michigan, for the sole purpose of creating a comfortable chair. The cousins aimed to create a chair that supported what they referred to as "nature's way of relaxing"—reclined seating. They initially made a wooden porch chair that reclined, and eventually, the cousins refined their chair and upholstered it for home use. The chair was an instant hit, and the cousins held a contest to select a name, finally settling on La-Z-Boy. The company solely produced the reclining chair until 1969, when they added reclining sofas and modular units. In 1983, the company began to offer stationary options

Multiple Lines

Today, the La-Z-Boy company offers multiple furniture lines, including Hammary, Kincaid, American Drew, and England Furniture that are distributed nationally and cater to different design styles and needs. The company operates headquarters in its native Monroe and in High Point, North Carolina, where several of the sub-lines are housed.

Office Chairs

The La-Z-Boy line of office chairs is known for its comfort and ergonomic designs that help employees avoid back pain at work. Many of the office chair models included ComfortCore Plus seat cushions that include memory foam and height adjustment features for easy customization.

To find out if a La-Z-Boy chair is right for your office, visit Office Furniture Expo. The experts at our office furniture store in Atlanta will help you find the right chair for your needs among our new and used office furniture selection. Learn more about our service and selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

Your customers and clients form an opinion about your business long before they sit down across your desk. Their impression of your company starts in the reception area, where they evaluate everything from your color choices to your seating options. When you're investing in office furniture, don't overlook this all-important space.

Whether the people in your reception area are clients waiting for a meeting, patients waiting for care, or customers waiting for help, the reception desk is the focal point. The desk should face the door and be free of clutter to communicate that your business is welcoming and organized. The office chairs also make a difference. Modern chairs fit in well in tech companies, while comfortable chairs and sofas are ideal for medical practices. In terms of color, neutrals give a sense of confidence and calm and are perfect for legal practices, while bright colors work well in child-centered businesses.

Your office furniture says more about your business than you think, so let Office Furniture Expo help you get the right look. Visit our showroom to see your options for office furniture in Atlanta or arrange a design consultation by calling (770) 455-0440.

DMI Furniture has been producing high-quality, sought-after commercial office furniture since 1911. Originally formed as the Huntingburg Furniture Company, DMI remains a dynamic option for office furniture across the country. Take a look at the history of this success story of a company that helps other businesses build better workplaces.

Early Years

The Huntingburg Furniture Company, the original incarnation of DMI, was founded in 1911 in the small town of Huntingburg in Southern Indiana by three local businessmen. Edwin Fish, George Brown, and Harry Gabriel saw an abundant supply of local timber and an increasing marketplace for furnishings as an opportunity to establish a furniture manufacturing business. They initially started with one warehouse to produce bedroom furniture and were profitable within a year. By the end of the 1940s, the company had seven factories and had converted two other businesses. They expanded operations outside of the state and opened their first production plant outside of Indiana in Dothan, Alabama.

From Huntingburg to DMI

The 1950s and early 1960s was a boom time for Huntingburg Furniture Company. They opened up additional production facilities and launched a number of subsidiary companies. By 1958, the company had $7.8 million in sales and over 800 employees. Their success caught the attention of Dolly Madison Foods, which was owned by Rittmaster & Co. Dolly Madison had an extensive range of non-food businesses under its umbrella and became interested in Huntingburg Furniture Company. Huntingburg Furniture Company was purchased by Dolly Madison, which soon changed its name to DMI, or Dolly Madison Industries. Although DMI struggled to find its footing as a conglomerate in the 1970s, the company righted itself by transferring production to less expensive facilities overseas.

DMI Office Furniture

In the 1990s, DMI was ready to launch two new lines to complement their existing office furniture lines: DMI Desk Company and DMI Office Furniture. By 1998, DMI Office Furniture was its own division, allowing the company to spend more time catering specifically to the needs of their commercial office customers.

Office Furniture Expo is pleased to offer quality DMI office furniture, from desks to office chairs. Visit our office furniture store near Atlanta to view our selection or call (770) 455-0440 to learn more about our lines.

Paoli Furniture is a sought-after brand of office furniture that offers innovative design and reliable functionality all at an attainable price. Paoli is dedicated to adding value to their customers' businesses with office chairs and seating, casegoods, and conference room products. The company has established this reputation through decades of commitment to quality furniture production. Take a look at the history and evolution of this office furniture brand.

Company History

In 1926, Paoli Inc. was established when the Orleans Cabinet Company and Paoli Furniture Company consolidated their operations in Orleans, Indiana. Initially, Paoli was conceived as a residential furniture company and at one point was the world's largest supplier of occasional chairs. However, the company switched gears in the late-1970s to focus exclusively on office furniture. Since that time, Paoli has become synonymous with quality in the office furniture market and has continued to develop new product offerings for both contemporary and traditional workspaces. Paoli furniture pieces are manufactured in 1.2 million square feet of production space in Indiana by craftspeople with an average tenure of 18 years at the company.

Brand Identity

Paoli is a leader in the office furniture marketplace in terms of social responsibility and community commitment. The company uses American hardwoods in their products and is a strong voice for recycling in the community. Thanks to high levels of recycled content in packing materials and the use of sustainable production techniques, Paoli has won a number of environmental certifications and awards. The company is also invested in the safety of their employees and has been recognized for the success of its safety programs.

Paoli is just one of the quality brands of office furniture we offer at Office Furniture Expo. Stop by our office furniture store to see our new and used office furniture in Atlanta, and talk to one of our design experts to find the right solutions for your workspace. Learn more by calling us at (770) 455-0440.

At Office Furniture Expo, one of the most important services we offer our customers is the ability to custom design their offices. Using the computer-assisted design software, we are able to help each customer build an individualized workspace that suits his or her own needs. By working with one of our experts, you can find your style without sacrificing function when setting up your office.

Our CAD design specialists will produce line and 3D drawings of your working environment to allow you to test out different looks, maximize your space potential, and experiment with different pieces. In addition to helping you build your office from the ground up, our experts can work within all degrees of budgetary constraints so you get a functional space without overspending.

From new and used office furniture from the best brands in the business to filing cabinets, office tables, and panel systems in Atlanta, Office Furniture Expo is your one-stop-shop for office design. Arrange a meeting with a custom office design specialist by calling (770) 455-0440.

The wrong office furniture puts you at risk for developing back pain, muscle aches, and other stressful health conditions that can affect your work. An ergonomic office chair can improve your posture and help reduce aches and pains.

Watch this video for some tips on how to sit in your office chair in order to avoid back pain. Sitting with the proper posture and using a comfortable ergonomic office chair that supports your lower back will help reduce your aches and pains while you work.

When you're in need of an ergonomic office chair in Atlanta, come see us at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We have a wide variety of new and used office furniture, including ergonomic office seating from top office furniture brands. For directions to our office furniture store, call us today at (770) 455-0440.


If you're interested in making your office run more efficiently, you need to focus on making your employees more comfortable. Ergonomic office furniture or custom office furniture, Office Furniture Expo will ensure that your employees are more enthusiastic about work. Here are some great tips for designing a more productive office.

Purchase Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is designed to maximize comfort and limit the stress caused to the joints, muscles, spine, and tendons due to the repetitive motions that are required of most office jobs. Ergonomic office furniture allows you to adjust the back, arms, seat, and height of the chair to support your muscles and spinal column while working. This reduces the injuries and complaints from employees due to stiff necks, aching backs, and arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. All in all, employees will work more productively and happily with ergonomic office furniture.

Consider Custom Office Furniture

If you choose custom office furniture, you have the option to design office desks, office seating, and office storage to meet the individual needs of your employees. If each employee has a workspace that is tailored to their personal work style, they'll be able to be much more efficient and productive. Have your employees work with you to design custom office furniture that ensures that everything they need is within arm's reach.

Open Floor Plan or Cubicles: What's Best for Your Workspace

In general, office layouts fall into one of two categories: open-plan or cubicle layout, each with respective advantages and disadvantages. Open-plan offices are on-trend alongside the recent workplace goal of camaraderie, but for some, the open-plan office is distracting, noisy, and overly social, which can hamper your employees' focus and productivity. On the other hand, open-plan offices encourage teamwork among employees, and help people learn to tune out distractions.

Cubicles, the traditional office layout, give each employee his or her own workspace, which helps eliminate distractions and noise. Many employees like having a semi-private, quieter space to work. But, cubicles can be too isolating, take up too much space, and make employees feel disconnected from their colleagues. Ultimately, the deciding factors are your industry, employee count, and the type of work your employees do.

If you're interested in ergonomic office furniture, custom office furniture, or office panel systems in Atlanta, come see us at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We have a huge selection of high quality, affordable office furniture that will make your office more efficient and productive. To find out more about our office furniture selection, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

In order to be as productive and professional as possible, it's wise to have a dedicated office space where you and your colleagues can focus. A great office requires more than just a desk and a chair—a custom design that takes your needs into account will make you feel better equipped to handle the daily needs of your job. Pay a visit to Office Furniture Expo's showroom to browse office furniture in Atlanta and to speak with a design expert about what you want out of your new office. Consider whether you'll be working alone, videoconferencing, or hosting clients right in your own space. Check out this Infographic to learn more about designing your perfect office and the steps that go into choosing the layout and furniture. Please share with your friends and colleagues.

If you're looking for ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees, you should visit Office Furniture Expo. When you purchase ergonomic office furniture, your employees will be much more comfortable, and less likely to suffer from health problems that might affect their productivity. Here is a look at some of the ways that office furniture can increase productivity.

Ergonomic Office Furniture Decreases Risk of Health Issues

Office workers are susceptible to many health issues caused by the long hours spent sitting at their office desks or office tables. These health issues decrease productivity at work, and often result in sick days. Some common health issues caused by non-ergonomic office furniture and the associated poor posture are headaches, neck and back pain, repetitive stress injuries, eyestrain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic office furniture is designed to reduce stress on the spine and muscles, and keep everything that you use at arm's reach.

Effective Office Storage Improves Organization

Whether you're highly organized or you tend to be messy, effective office storage is a must-have. Office storage will keep your office free of clutter and easy to use, which makes it much easier and less stressful to do your job. You will also be able to keep important documents safe, and you'll be able to find what you need much faster. All in all, a good office storage system that utilizes bookcases and filing cabinets will improve your productivity and efficiency.

Office Panel Systems Afford Privacy and Quiet

Installing an office panel system affords employees with some privacy vs an open plan office. They can enjoy a separate office space from their coworkers, but will still be able to easily collaborate with them as needed.

If you're looking for office furniture in Atlanta that will help you and your employees become more productive, come see us at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We have affordable, high quality new and used office furniture, including ergonomic office seating, office storage, and office panel systems. To learn more about our products, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

If you're searching for new or used office furniture, you should ask Office Furniture Expo Atlanta about The HON Company. HON makes high quality office furniture—including office desks, office chairs, office tables, workstations, filing cabinets, and office storage—that is both functional and beautiful. Keep reading for a brief history of The HON Company.

Originally Began as The Home-O-Nize Company

Brothers-in-law C. Maxwell Stanley and Clement T. Hanson began the company in 1944 with their friend H. Wood Miller. The company was originally named The Home-O-Nize Company, and it was not initially an office furniture store. The company was founded with the purpose of employing men who were returning home from World War II. They first began manufacturing wooden kitchen cabinets in Davenport, Iowa. At times, they also produced aluminum hoods, beverage coasters, and recipe file boxes.

Early 1950s Office Furniture Store

The recipe file boxes that the company produced eventually lead to the company's foray into office furniture. By the 1950s, they opened their first office furniture store, and changed their name to The H-O-N Division. By 1957, it was officially incorporated as The HON Company. The primary products made by The HON Company at that time and now are office furniture and workplace furniture for small to medium sized businesses, universities, corporations, and government offices. They specialize in workstations, office storage, office desks, office tables, and office chairs.

The Company's Devotion to Environmental Responsibility

In 1947, The HON Company began making products using metal scraps. Now, the company is committed to environmental conservation, and practices sustainability. Each department is devoted to conserving raw materials and reducing waste. Eco-friendly practices can be found throughout the company's manufacturing process.

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If you're buying new or used office furniture, you should purchase ergonomic office chairs and office desks. An ergonomic workstation is designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, while minimizing the stress and strain caused by repetitive motions and prolonged periods of time sitting in an office chair.

Watch this video for great advice on setting up an ergonomic workstation. Gaylord Bridegan, Certified Professional Ergonomist demonstrates how ergonomic office furniture can make your office more productive and comfortable.

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