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Atlanta Office Furniture Fabrics and Finishes

Atlanta Office Furniture Fabrics and Finishes

Fabrics and Finishes in Atlanta, GA

Transformative Office Design Services

At Office Furniture Expo, we’ve partnered with the area’s leaders in furniture fabric and finishes so that you can find the right styles, colors, and designs to match the aesthetic of your office furniture. Your office is more than just the place where you work. It’s your first impression on clients. Whether you want traditional executive officer furniture or a more modern look for your office, the experts at Office Furniture Expo can help. Our in-house staff is highly trained and utilizes design technology, which allows you to see your office in a three-dimensional space before deciding on a final design. Whatever you’re trying to convey about your business, we can help.

When choosing your fabric, it’s important that you find a style that not only looks great but is durable as well. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the industry leaders in furniture fabric. For instructions on how to maintain and keep your fabric looking vibrant for longer, visit our furniture care page. Browse through literally thousands of fabric and other finish options for your office furniture for a completely customized look for commercial grade office furniture direct to your home. Easily find the color, style, or design that you’re looking for when you search through our partners’ sites.

Our Partners

 Momentum FabricsMomentum is an award-winning textile and wall coverings company. They were recognized by some of the oldest and most prestigious design awards programs for their high-quality textiles and wall coverings. Momentum is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, so they recycle as much of their product as they can. You can transform your office with award-winning fabrics and finishes by Momentum Fabrics. They have an enormous selection of materials to choose from, so you can find whatever style, color, or design that you want for your office. Easily browse through their selection of thousands of textiles to find a unique pattern that reflects your business’s personality. If you have a question about which design is right for you, then contact Office Furniture Expo. Our designers are here to help you visualize your office space with unique 3D design tools. We can find the right fabrics and finishes to complement your office.

Maharam FabricsFor nearly 120 years, Maharam has helped to innovate textile design. Louis Maharam arrived in New York from Russia in 1902. He sold fabric remnants out of a pushcart on the south side of the Financial District. That evolved into selling fabric and costume designs out of a storefront near the Theater District. Later, during the construction boom [in the 1920s], Maharam started selling contract textiles. Maharam began moving into the commercial interior space in the 1950s & 60s. Since then, they have continued to be a leading innovator in textile design that balances utility, technology, tradition, and luxury.  Maharam textiles can be found in the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern art, and the Stedelijk Museum. With a wide range of fabrics, which include unique patterns and vibrant colors, Maharam will look great in almost any office setting. Define the personality of your business with Maharam’s selection of fabrics and finishes.

Wilsonart Laminates For you, your employees, and your customers, it’s more than just an office. It’s where innovative ideas are developed, new initiatives begin, and your workforce collaborates daily. Your office should reflect the values of your company. Wilsonart has transformed businesses such as Under Armor, Akron Children’s Hospital, Texas State University, and many more. The Wilsonart design team is here to help you transform your office space into something that speaks to your business’s culture. Wilson offers one-of-a-kind designs and a wide selection of products, including high-pressure laminate, specialty laminates, and thermally fused laminate (TFL). These materials create a durable, long-lasting wall accent for any room in your office. If you’re looking to install a wall covering in your office, contact Office Furniture Expo. We’ve partnered with the industry leaders in wall coverings to help add style to your office. There are a variety of reasons to consider adding an accent wall to your office.

  • Wallcoverings can brighten or darken a room in your office.
  • Creates a dynamic visualization in your office if there are no architectural features.
  • Matching patterns throughout your office will create a sense of unity in your office while giving it a personality.
  • Wallcoverings are an affordable way to create unique spaces in your office.

Your Local Office Design Experts in Atlanta, GA

Office Furniture Expo makes it easier to get commercial grade office furniture direct to your home. With a huge selection of furniture available, we can help you decorate any room in your office. From waiting room furniture to office chairs, we carry it all. Our selection of fabrics and finishes, including wall coverings, is the best way to complement your company’s unique office culture with accent pieces to match your style and design. By partnering with some of the industry leaders in fabric and finishes, you can expect high-quality, durable products that work as hard as you do! Contact our team today to learn about our fabrics and finishes options for your office furniture.



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