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Obex Panel Systems

Obex Office Panel Systems in Atlanta, GA

Obex Office Panel Systems in Atlanta, GA

Office Furniture Expo’s Most Modular Office Panel System

Office Furniture Expo, in Atlanta, Georgia, carries Obex panel systems. Obex modular office panel systems are some of the simplest panels to install. They can be placed, adjusted, or upgraded by nearly anyone. They also come in many different textures and configurations so that you can create the ideal office space for each worker. Whether you want a whiteboard panel for taking notes, or a frosted acrylic panel for a modern aesthetic, Obex panels will deliver for your team.

Easy to Install, Easy to Customize

Obex office panel systems are some of the most versatile and customizable of almost any modular office panel system. The desk-mounted privacy panels attach to nearly any standard desk. If those aren’t enough, you can upgrade and personalize each workspace with panels that hang below the desk or panels that extend above the desk-mounted panels. Each layer of paneling can be made from a different material to suit the function and style you want for your office space.

Obex Office Wall Panel Systems Come in Many Materials

The Obex office panel systems we carry come in many different materials and heights. Some of the most widely used types of office panel extenders are acrylic sneeze guards and dividers. This allows everyone to work together while increasing the protection of everybody. Acrylic panels are antimicrobial and see-through, creating an outstanding balance between safety and style. Each material comes in several colors and designs. Obex panels come in:

  • Tackable acoustic-controlling fabric
  • Whiteboard
  • Polycarbonate
  • Frosted acrylic
  • Clear acrylic

Office Panel Systems Backed By World-Class Service

When you choose to get your Obex office panel systems from Office Furniture Expo, you get the added benefit of our service team. We make the delivery, installation, and design of your new office wall paneling system seamless. Our team offers free custom design services for all customers. We don’t just sell new office furniture. We sell a new way to work. Our designers are highly trained in office productivity, especially as it pertains to the layout of an office. So, we can help you get the most out of your space and your team.

Let’s Design the Perfect Office Together

You want to give every worker the best office paneling system possible so that they feel at home when they’re working. Obex modular office panel systems offer each worker the ability to select office paneling that suits their workflow and individual taste. Each worker can express themselves, or you can create a brand-identifying style for your entire space. However, you want to set up your office, we are here to help. To get a free consultation, call us directly or fill out a contact form here.



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