High-Quality Office Chairs in Atlanta, GA

At Office, Furniture Expo provides high-quality office chairs to Atlanta, GA business owners. If you work in an office environment, you understand the importance of having high-quality, ergonomic office chairs. Ergonomic is a term you’ve likely encountered before, having spent much of your time in an office space. This term references work-related items that are specifically designed with maximum comfort and efficiency in mind. When it comes to ergonomic chairs, they usually have seat depth, adjustable arm height and width, and lumbar support. Read on to learn more about office chairs.

The Benefits of High-Quality Office Chairs

Purchasing high-quality office chairs for your Atlanta office can provide you and your employees with a wide range of benefits. High-quality office chairs boost productivity, provide posture support, and establish a comfortable sitting position. The benefits of high-quality office chairs include the following:

  • Supported Posture – High-quality chairs can reduce the strain on your spine and even support healthy posture. They can also decrease your susceptibility to back injuries.
  • Enhanced Productivity – When your employees have chairs that are supportive and comfortable, they will be happier and healthier overall.
  • Reduced Neck Pain – You won’t hear your employees complaining about neck and shoulder stiffness when they use high-quality office chairs. These chairs provide head and neck support.
  • Reduced Hip Pressure – A high-quality, ergonomic chair usually has substantial padding and depth, both of which can support the hips and reduce any pressure or stress on them.
  • Relieved Back Pain – No one wants to go to work to sit in an uncomfortable chair and be in pain. High-quality, ergonomic office chairs feature backrests that support the spine’s natural curve.
  • Improved Blood Circulation – Ergonomic office chairs have a positive effect on blood flow and can increase circulation in one’s legs, helping them not to swell or go numb.
  • Boosted Workplace Morale – When your office chairs are comfortable, your employees are healthier and happier and more likely to have morale for their workplace.

We Sell New, High-Quality Office Chairs

Seating options are available for various types of settings and requirements. New and special-order items are available in our Atlanta Showroom from the top office furniture manufacturers in the world, including Humanscale, Eurotech, Hon, Global, Fairfield, LA-Z-BOY, Boss, and others. We offer a full range of office furniture for seating, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Conference room seating to meet the style, function, and comfort needed to both match your company’s image and maximize the comfort and productivity of employees.
  • Ergonomic professional-grade task chairs conform to a user’s natural posture and shape and minimize the risk of repetitive strain while a worker performs their normal duties during the workday.
  • Executive Leather seats from leading brands such as Global, Hon, Boss, and HickoryLeather, with the boldness, comfort, and elegance demanded of higher-level personnel in your company.
  • Reception/guest professional-grade task chairs provide an economical yet accommodating solution for waiting rooms and extra seating in offices.
  • Task seating with affordable and convenient options for business users to customers looking for functional, adjustable seats when using their home computer.
  • Training/breakroom seats to satisfy basic needs to accommodate training session participants or employees, visitors, or others for short periods of time.

Check Out Our Used, Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you’re looking to save or order in bulk, we stock used office professional-grade task chairs in our 100,000-square-foot showroom. Available items can be purchased immediately at unbeatable values, so you can buy more for less and even find better-quality items at prices suited to your budget. Our selection of used office furniture changes daily and is sold “as-is,” but quality, functionality, and comfort can be expected. Check back often if you’re looking for something specific, as our selection changes daily. Our used and clearance items are often available in limited quantities and sell quickly. We also offer customers opportunities to sell their used office professional-grade task chairs and other furniture.

Contact Us Today for High-Quality Office Chairs

If you’re looking for the highest quality office chair that is also the most comfortable, look no further than Office Furniture Expo. We provide premier support to our valued customers throughout the entire process. From sales to delivery, if you order a new or used office chair from us, you can rest assured that our experienced team is there for you should you need any kind of service or repair needed after our products are purchased. Additionally, if any assembly is required, our team will complete all necessary steps, so you can get the most out of your office chair. Contact us today to learn more.

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