Nobody likes to be uncomfortable, especially while they’re working! Today’s businesses are looking for better options when it comes to key office furniture pieces, such as chairs. Comfortable seating options do much more than just provide extra cushioning; they also help promote general health and wellbeing. Here are three great reasons to have your employees working in comfortable chairs:

1.      Higher productivity. It can be challenging to get your work done when all you can focus on is how uncomfortable your chair is. Employees struggle with uncomfortable seating all day. While it may only take a few seconds to rearrange your body into a more comfortable position, those seconds can add up. This takes away from employee productivity. By providing more comfortable office chairs for your employees, they’ll have an easier time concentrating on their work, leading to higher levels of productivity throughout the office.

2.      Reduced fatigue. Sitting may not seem like a type of physical activity, but it can be when employees are stuck in uncomfortable chairs. Holding your body in an uncomfortable or unpleasant position for long hours can result in extra strain. It can be easy for employees to “wear out” their bodies without even realizing it, leading to more fatigue at the end of each day. With comfortable chairs, there is no strain on the body to hold an improper position, helping preserve employee energy.

3.      Lower risk of back problems. Bain pain is a serious condition that affects approximately 80% of adults at least once in their lifetimes. Many inadequate office chairs do not provide proper back support, leading to a higher risk for back pain and injuries. Comfortable chairs don’t just feel better, but they give the back the support it needs to keep employees feeling and working at their best.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, comfort is key—which is why we provide a variety of comfortable office chair options to choose from. We also offer the best selection of office desks, tables, and more! Give us a call today at (770) 455-0440 for more information.

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