Customizing your office with nice furniture is a great way to make yourself feel comfortable while you work.  But having beautiful wooden office furniture will be a waste if you don’t properly take care of it.  Follow these tips to keep your wood office furniture gleaming like new.

Back to Basics

No matter what type of wood your office desk or other custom office furniture is made of, always start the cleaning process by dusting. Use a dry cloth to clean the dust off the wood.

General Cleaning

Ask about your wooden furniture at the office equipment store to find out if your furniture needs any special care. If it doesn’t, then you use your favorite gentle wood cleaner. Take a dry cloth, dab on some of the wood cleaner, and then use it on the wood in the direction of the grain. Keep doing this until you have cleaned the whole piece.

Keep It Up

Try to dust the furniture regularly if you can. If you dust frequently, then you won’t have to polish it as often. Dusting the wood will keep it clean and looking great.

General Tips

Don’t put anything wet directly onto your wood furniture, because it could ruin its finish. Try to use a coaster if you have a drink on your desk. Don’t clean the wood with water, either. Try not to use letter openers or scissors directly on the furniture to avoid scratches.

As long as you dust and polish the wood, it should continue to gleam for you.  Come to Office Furniture Expo to find beautiful wood furniture for your office.  We have the best selection of office furniture in Atlanta.  Don’t continue to use uncomfortable, ugly office furniture. Spruce up your workspace with some of Atlanta’s best customized pieces.

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