Your customers and clients form an opinion about your business long before they sit down across your desk. Their impression of your company starts in the reception area, where they evaluate everything from your color choices to your seating options. When you’re investing in office furniture, don’t overlook this all-important space.

Whether the people in your reception area are clients waiting for a meeting, patients waiting for care, or customers waiting for help, the reception desk is the focal point. The desk should face the door and be free of clutter to communicate that your business is welcoming and organized. The office chairs also make a difference. Modern chairs fit in well in tech companies, while comfortable chairs and sofas are ideal for medical practices. In terms of color, neutrals give a sense of confidence and calm and are perfect for legal practices, while bright colors work well in child-centered businesses.

Your office furniture says more about your business than you think, so let Office Furniture Expo help you get the right look. Visit our showroom to see your options for office furniture in Atlanta or arrange a design consultation by calling (770) 455-0440.

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