Choosing office furniture that is modern and chic is a great way to ensure that your employees feel stimulated by their work environment. Drab, outdated colors can bring morale down and even suppress creativity. Here is a look at the latest office design trends that will enhance the look of your office and inspire innovation amongst your staff:

Making the Most of Your Workspace

If you’re currently feeling as though the walls are closing in around you and your coworkers, it’s time to rethink your floor plan and office furniture. Many small-sized businesses are taking creative measures to maximize their square footage, such as installing demountable walls and reconfiguring spaces to create smaller individual areas and larger collaborative workstations.

Embracing Technology

One trend that’s surely here to stay is the incorporation of technology throughout a professional space or office. Custom office furniture designers are generating new and inventive ways to place docking stations for devices like tablets in convenient areas for employees. Furthermore, as teleconferencing becomes easier than ever thanks to applications like Skype, designers are also reserving space for generously sized screens and high-quality sound systems.

Choosing Bold Colors

In addition to making offices more functional, designers are also pushing to make them more fun by adding bold, exciting colors to the design scheme. To maintain a sense of professionalism as you add a little personality to your office, keep office desks and other big pieces fairly neutral. Accessorize them with chairs upholstered in creative prints or desktop pieces like vases and artwork that feature eye-catching greens, oranges, and blues.

You can learn more about bringing your office into 2013 with help from the design experts here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Our 100,000-square-foot showroom is filled with everything you need to create a contemporary office that’s efficient and enjoyable for you and your team. Call us at (770) 455-0440 to set up a personal consultation with our design specialists.

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