Accessorizing your workspace is just as important as finding the right office furniture. A stark office can feel cold and unwelcoming, while one with thoughtfully arranged décor adds dimension and warmth. There are many different ways to customize your office space, whether you want it to reflect your personality or simply feel more polished.

You might find accessorizing easier in your own personal home office, where you can choose whatever pieces you like. Finding the right fit for a more public space may require more consideration. Either way, here are a few design elements that will bring some life into a workspace:


Mirrors bring light and depth to your office. Simply hanging a few well-placed mirrors can make the area feel more expansive and give the space an elegant aesthetic.

Decorative mirrors also come in many different frames, styles, and finishes. Here are a few styles you may want to consider as office accessories:

  • Metal: Metal-framed mirrors have a more modern appeal and a sleek design aesthetic. They also come in a range of different colors and metals, including silver, bronze, gold, and black. Some have additional design features, while others come with just a plain metal band that frames the mirror.
  • Wood: There’s nothing quite like a mirror with a stylized wood frame to add a touch of warmth and elegance to a space. Although there are certainly some cutting-edge designs, many wooden frames tend to have a more traditional style. Wooden frames also come in a variety of stain colors and wood types. Hang a large mirror on the wall as an eye-catching feature, or dot smaller ones around the room to add interest.
  • Custom materials: While wooden and metal frames are certainly popular, mirrors can be made in different shapes, materials, and styles.

Lamps and lighting

Lamps and other lighting fixtures are essential for an office. Lighting serves a practical purpose, but it also enhances the look of a room when done thoughtfully. Whether you select just one stunning desk lamp or pick out several standing lights, lighting makes an impact on the look and feel of your space.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to lamps and lighting:

  • Desk lamp finish: Since your desk lamp is a very visible piece, you’ll want to think about how the finish fits with the décor of the room. For example, will burnished bronze match your wooden desk, or do you prefer a sleek, chrome finish?
  • Shade design: There are countless lampshades to choose from. You can select a plain, traditional shade, or go for one with a colorful pattern. The shade itself can be a statement piece or something functional that blends into the background.
  • Layout: The placement of lamps in the room creates the mood for the overall setting. You may want to move them around and try some different locations until you find just the right placement.

Plants and planters

A little greenery goes a long way toward making an office feel less stark and cold, and decorative planters provide a little extra visual appeal. If you have a green thumb, you may want to think about bringing live plants into your office, but fake plants are also quite appealing and look realistic. Choose from lush, leafy cascades of leaves in a hanging basket, flowering potted plants, palms in a basket, or other varieties of greenery.


Art brings character to an office space. You can select something that makes a statement, or choose a few pieces that compliment your existing design and color palate. Here are some possible art forms to think about for your office space:

  • Paintings: Paintings can be modern or traditional or somewhere in-between. A few well-placed pieces can offer some context for your business or simply serve as a nice visual touch.
  • Photography: The right photography can greatly enhance an office space, and there are many subjects to choose from. Select from black and white or color prints to suit your taste.
  • Statues and other accessories: From decorative statues to sturdy bookends, there are a host of wonderful desk and bookshelf accessories out there!
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