Having a comfortable, ergonomic workspace can help make your employees feel their best and may even help improve your bottom line. How? For starters, ergonomic workspaces can improve employee productivity by limiting the amount of stress and strain they experience during the typical workday. Ergonomic office furniture can also help prevent workman’s comp claims resulting from repetitive stress injuries that are common in today’s workplace. Fortunately, furniture from AMQ Solutions makes it easy to improve ergonomics while also improving the aesthetic design of your office. Here’s a look at some of the ergonomic office furniture pieces from AMQ.

ACTIV Sit-to-Stand Tables

Designed to work as a freestanding desk or as part of a network of workspaces, ACTIV sit-to-stand tables from AMQ move silently up and down in seconds with the touch of a button to provide a seated or standing workspace as needed. Featuring LED touchscreens and adjustable telescopic legs, these sit-to-stand tables are quiet, stylish, and easy to use.

ACTIV Sit-to Stand Benching

Thanks to growing awareness of the importance of ergonomic office furniture, height adjustability is increasingly becoming one of the most important trends for the contemporary workplace. ACTIV benches enable you to program multiple heights, enabling quick and easy adjustments.

ICON Benching

With their adjustable tabletop screens and side screens, ICON benches facilitate easy and active collaboration among your team members. The frames, screens, and cushions are available in a wide range of eye-catching and attractive finishes. As sleek and sophisticated as they are practical, these flexible and diverse workspaces are ideal for the modern office.

If you would like help designing an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing workspace, contact the office furniture experts at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We will help you choose the best furniture to meet your needs, and we even offer furniture delivery and assembly to make things even easier. Call us at (770) 455-0440 to speak with one of our office furniture experts today.

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