Medical offices and hospitals have unique needs when it comes to office furniture. In addition to creating workspaces for employees, there is a high demand for patient and visitor seating of all types. As you choose office furniture for a medical practice, keep these factors in mind.

Patient Needs

In medical offices, patients may be sitting for longer periods than is typical in other businesses. Further, they may have health needs that impact their abilities to sit comfortably. When choosing chairs, consider the needs of the patients. For instance, a bariatric surgery clinic may need wider chairs in their waiting rooms or reception areas, while a pediatrics office may require chairs in varying sizes. In hospital waiting rooms or reception areas, visitors may be waiting for extended periods of time when their loved ones undergo medical procedures and will appreciate comfortable seating options. Let the needs of the patients guide your decisions, particularly in terms of office chairs.

Professional Tone

The type of office furniture you choose says a great deal about your business. In medical offices, it is important to communicate a feeling of reliability and professionalism. Typically, this means traditional furniture choices, like darker finishes and quality desks and other furniture. Alternatively, you can create a contemporary environment using white or other neutrals and streamlined furniture pieces., Unusual furniture in discordant, bold colors and shapes is are usually better suited to tech or creative companies.


Medical offices require extensive HIPPA compliant and locking storage space for everything from records to medication samples. Ample storage ensures that the office looks organized to patients and that employees can easily find the things they need. Look for medical shelving, office desks with multiple locking drawers, and pieces that can do double duty, like tables or desks with drawers and secure storage cabinets.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo can guide you through the process of choosing new and used office furniture that is appropriate for your business. Visit our Showroom or contact us at (770) 455-0440 when you need office furniture in Atlanta to fit your company’s needs and budget.

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