The office furniture and décor you choose for your office has the power to foster creativity and reinforce the company culture. Conversely, a blasé office design will stifle both creativity and productivity. If your company is prized for its creativity and collaboration, the following office design ideas will keep the creative juices flowing.

Give Employees Design Autonomy
If your employees want to bring in personal items, photographs, or even their dog—let them. These things will keep your office fun, natural, and comfortable. It will be easier for colleagues to build trust and relationships, which facilitates collaboration and fosters a strong office community. Similarly, let everyone brainstorm and take notes using the tools with which they feel most comfortable. For example, some people prefer to jot down ideas on a white board, while others take notes on paper or on a tablet. The key is to let everyone do it his or her own way.

Games and Sun
Two proven ways of increasing collaboration and productivity with office design is to have games and sunlight. Set up a Ping-Pong table or an air hockey table to provide a great outlet for employees who want to take a quick break with a co-worker. Plenty of windows or an indoor green space will provide a relaxing atmosphere in which collaboration can take place.

Musical Office Chairs
Forget the notion that there needs to be one desk per person in the office. Instead, invest in collaborative spaces: conference rooms, long tables, and couches encourage people to use different spaces and collaborate rather than separate. You can still have rooms and desks for people who need a few hours of quiet concentration; but if the majority of the office consists of private spaces like these, collaboration will probably suffer.

If you need furniture for a professional, collaborative office, consult Office Furniture Expo. We have provided office furniture to homes and businesses in the Atlanta area since 1981. Visit our website to see how we can transform your office, and call us at (770) 455-0440 for more information.

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