Bookcases, shelving units and storage cabinets are essential parts of your office décor, not just for their style but also for their functionality. The right bookcases and shelving units help you keep your office organized so you can present a professional face to your clients. Bookcases, shelving units and storage cabinets are available in both new and used office furniture, as well as custom designed. Keep these tips in mind for using bookcases and shelving to create the look you want for your office.

Executive Bookcases

Executive bookcases combine form and function. They can be traditional or contemporary in design and are often tall, sturdy, and made of wood or glass and metal. They should provide ample storage without looking cluttered. These bookcases belong in executive suites and within other management offices rather than in open spaces. These solid bookcases are designed for executive spaces because their design speaks to strength and leadership.

Metal Bookcases and Storage Cabinets

Although metal bookcases and storage cabinets might not have the chic design qualities of executive bookcases, they are useful additions to any office. These bookcases or storage cabinets provide essential storage, particularly for papers and files that can easily make an office look cluttered and disorganized. Likewise, these cabinets and cases make finding business papers and supplies easy, since they can all be sorted and arranged in a way that makes your office storage and filing more efficient. Consider keeping these storage units in back areas including supply and copy/fax areas and other functional spaces where they won’t be the focal point of a room’s design.

Wall Systems

Wall systems offer flexible bookcase and shelving options that can be custom-designed to fit your space. Choose the module elements you need and pick the color, style, and material of the unit so that it blends into your office décor seamlessly. Wall systems can work in nearly any part of your office, from the reception area to meeting and conference rooms.

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