In this day and age, it’s common for employees to spend the majority of their work week sitting at a desk, typing away on a computer. In order to avoid the common physical problems that this type of work can bring about -such as eyestrain and neck aches- it’s important that workers receive plenty of support throughout the day from comfortable office furniture that has been arranged in a logical manner. Here is a helpful guide to creating an ergonomic computer workstation:

Position Screens at Eye-Level

When choosing the perfect spot at your desk for a laptop or computer screen, think about where you will be sitting and which direction you will be facing. Screens should be placed directly in front of you and at an eye-level height that will allow you to simply look straight ahead to complete your assignments.

Use Helpful Devices like a Wrist Rest

If you’ve recently developed a strain in your wrist as a result of arching your hand to reach the keys on a keyboard, then it may be time to purchase a wrist rest. This simply device is placed directly in front of the keyboard to support your hand from pain brought on by overextension. It can also alleviate any contact stress that may develop as the edge of your office desk meets your hand or wrist.

Invest in a Height-Adjustable Desk

Each time you sit down to work at your desk, you should be able to type and write without raising your shoulders. Having to do so often means that your desk is simply too high for your height. One easy way to remedy this problem is to invest in an office desk that can be adjusted to fit your individual size. This is also an excellent option for those taller employees who could use a little extra space under the desk.

One key to creating an ergonomic work station is to purchase the right office furniture. Here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we carry countless styles of desks, chairs, and tables that you can mix and match to create an inspiring and comfortable work space. Call us at (770) 455-0440 to find out how we can help you improve your residential or commercial office.

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