Office tables for your conference, breakroom or collaborative areas have to be functional, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. With stock or custom table designs, you can create the perfect furniture for your needs and your office’s overall aesthetic. When you’re working with our office furniture design professionals, consider these ideas.

Experiment with Materials

Office tables of every type can be made in hardwoods, veneers, and composite laminates, so consider experimenting with materials to create a unique look for your office. If you are creating tables for an executive suite or a law firm, hardwood may be the right choice, but consider using a lighter color of wood than the traditional, dark woods usually seen in these businesses. If you have a creative firm, experience with different veneers or textures for tables that add to the vibrancy of your overall office design.

Customize Your Size Needs

One of the advantages of designing custom office tables is that you can get them in the perfect sizes for your firm’s space. Instead of choosing cookie-cutter table sizes, choose a variety of sizes for different spaces in your office. For instance, choose a supersized conference table for office-wide meetings or client presentations and then a mixture of tables for people to work solo or in small groups. This approach allows you to maximize both your space and your efficiency.

Consider Your Company Culture

The tables and seats you have in your office have a tremendous impact on your company’s culture. Think of the workspace you want to create when you are designing your custom tables. If you hope to encourage collaboration and teamwork, focus on the types of tables that welcome group sessions. If your office requires quiet, privacy and individual work areas, be sure that you don’t inadvertently invite the opposite with the workspaces you design. Data ports and charging options can be added to any table you choose.

Let an office design professional in Atlanta at Office Furniture Expo help you create custom tables that fit your business. Visit our Showroom or find out more about our new and used office furniture by calling (770) 455-0440.

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