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Tips for Decorating a Home Office from Office Furniture Expo

These days, more Americans are working from home than ever before. Office Furniture Expo has you covered, with all the home office decorating tips you need. Most people do at least a bit of decorating for their office or desk at work and working from home allows you total freedom to do whatever you want with your space. Many Americans were thrust into working from home when the coronavirus became widespread in early 2020. Even before that, telecommuting had become a viable option for many workers across various industries. Still, others work at home running their own business or making some extra income with a side hustle. No matter your reason for working at home, we can help you make the most of your space with some great ideas for decorating a home office. Office Furniture Expo has all the furniture and accessories you need to make your home office uniquely you.

Getting Started Decorating Your Home Office

Home offices come in all shapes and sizes. Some people have an entire room dedicated to their home office, while others have their desk neatly tucked away in a corner. When it comes to designing your home office, the process requires careful planning. You want your office space to be both practical and comfortable. An ideal workspace should have everything you need without going overboard. Factors to consider include the perfect office desk, the best lighting options, colors to set the tone, the right home office chair, and more. There are plenty of “professional” opinions when it comes to decorating your home office, but the truth is it’s up to you. Taking some decorating advice is a good idea, but you want your space to fit your needs and tastes. Some people might use their home office every single day, while others only use it once or twice a week. Some workers only need a computer, while some require much more equipment. It’s important to give your home office a lot of thought. By doing so, you’ll save time and hassle, and you won’t have to update it and change things around constantly.

Finding the Right Lighting

Many people overlook lighting for their home office. Choosing the right lighting sets the tone for the room, but also helps to reduce sleepiness and minimize eye strain and fatigue. Whether you’re easily distracted at home or are very productive, having the right office lighting can make all the difference. Layered lighting can help you stay productive and improve the transition from day to night. One useful tip is to arrange your furniture so you can take advantage of the natural light from your windows. Depending on the size of your windows, the direction they’re facing, and what’s outside, you’ll likely find at least some natural lighting to help you throughout the day. A ceiling light can establish your base lighting level. Some options to provide a decorative touch include a sleek pendant light, a simple flush mount ceiling fixture, or a dramatic chandelier.

Choosing the Perfect Desk

Your desk is the hub of your home office. There are several desk styles to choose from, so finding the perfect one for you can take a bit of time. You’ll want to consider the desk’s aesthetic, ergonomic qualities, and functionality. Of course, you’ll want to consider the size of the desk compared to how much space you have for your home office. Be sure to take into account the following when selecting a desk for your new home office:

  • Tasks – If you work from home, you most likely have a computer, but do you use a desktop or laptop? Laptops don’t take up much room, whereas desktops require space for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Don’t forget about all those cables you have to connect to! You should also consider whether or not you prepare a lot of paperwork. If so, you’ll want a larger desk with more surface area. Storage solutions can help you keep your desk uncluttered as well.
  • Functionality – There are multiple types of desks to consider based on the scope of work you perform. A writing desk has a large surface area, making it ideal for paperwork. Computer desks often feature pull-out keyboard platforms as well as wiring organizers and cubbies if you use a desktop. An executive style desk is known for having a large surface area as well as plenty of drawers. Secretary desks are compact and elegant.
  • Space – The amount of space in your home office can eliminate certain styles of desks from the start. Be sure to measure your space accurately before you purchase a desk for your home office. In addition to the amount of space your desk will take up, there are other considerations you shouldn’t forget about. Make sure you can get the desk through your door when you set it up, and that doors can open fully when it’s in place. Place your desk so that sun glare on your monitor is limited and sunlight doesn’t hurt your eyes. Consider the position of your desk in relation to electrical outlets in the room. You should leave at least 3.5 feet of space behind your desk so you can pull out your chair and take your seat comfortably.
  • Shape – Much like the many styles of desks for your home office, there are also multiple shapes to consider. Corner desks give you plenty of legroom and surface area, even in a relatively small space, making them an excellent choice for compact rooms. A floating desk affixes to your wall, keeping your floor space free. You can position the desk high on the wall and use it as a stand-up desk to eliminate the need for a chair. If you don’t have a dedicated office space, consider a credenza space in the dining or living room.
  • Ergonomics – You want your desk to be comfortable and allow you to be productive at home. Be sure you consider leg clearance so your hands can rest flat on the surface with your elbows down at your sides at a 90° Most people between 5’6” and 5’11” should choose a desk that’s 28” to 30” from the floor. Taller folks should also take this into account. Your computer monitor should be 20” to 30” from your face, and the top of the monitor should be level with your eyes. A good desk chair should have armrests to support your elbows as well as lumbar support to keep your back in good shape. Chairs with rollers are also a nice option.
  • Materials – There is also a variety of desk materials to consider for your home office space. Wood is traditional and versatile, with many colors and grain patterns available. Laminate is a more affordable option than real wood with a similar look. Glass-topped desks are very modern and open up the space. Metal desks are durable and create an industrial feel.

Setting the Tone with Color

Working from home means you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in your home office compared to other rooms. That’s why it’s essential to keep the space fresh with colors to keep you focused and boost your mood. Find a color that makes you feel happy and add accent colors to balance out the space. Blues and greens are soothing colors, and pops of yellow can brighten up the room. Glossy paints promote high energy, while flat matte shades create calmer environments. Painting the room can make a big difference, even if you have black or white furniture.

Equip Your Home Office with Office Furniture Expo

Office Furniture Expo has Atlanta’s largest selection of office furniture. What’s more, we carry a great selection of used desks and office furniture if buying new isn’t in your budget. We have everything you could possibly need, including office desks, tables, chairs, storage, bookcases, file cabinets, and more. Our team also offers delivery and assembly services so you can sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting. We encourage you to visit our Showroom in Atlanta, GA, or contact us for a free consultation.

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