If you’re interested in making your office run more efficiently, you need to focus on making your employees more comfortable. Ergonomic office furniture or custom office furniture, Office Furniture Expo will ensure that your employees are more enthusiastic about work. Here are some great tips for designing a more productive office.

Purchase Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is designed to maximize comfort and limit the stress caused to the joints, muscles, spine, and tendons due to the repetitive motions that are required of most office jobs. Ergonomic office furniture allows you to adjust the back, arms, seat, and height of the chair to support your muscles and spinal column while working. This reduces the injuries and complaints from employees due to stiff necks, aching backs, and arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. All in all, employees will work more productively and happily with ergonomic office furniture.

Consider Custom Office Furniture

If you choose custom office furniture, you have the option to design office desks, office seating, and office storage to meet the individual needs of your employees. If each employee has a workspace that is tailored to their personal work style, they’ll be able to be much more efficient and productive. Have your employees work with you to design custom office furniture that ensures that everything they need is within arm’s reach.

Open Floor Plan or Cubicles: What’s Best for Your Workspace

In general, office layouts fall into one of two categories: open-plan or cubicle layout, each with respective advantages and disadvantages. Open-plan offices are on-trend alongside the recent workplace goal of camaraderie, but for some, the open-plan office is distracting, noisy, and overly social, which can hamper your employees’ focus and productivity. On the other hand, open-plan offices encourage teamwork among employees, and help people learn to tune out distractions.

Cubicles, the traditional office layout, give each employee his or her own workspace, which helps eliminate distractions and noise. Many employees like having a semi-private, quieter space to work. But, cubicles can be too isolating, take up too much space, and make employees feel disconnected from their colleagues. Ultimately, the deciding factors are your industry, employee count, and the type of work your employees do.

If you’re interested in ergonomic office furniture, custom office furniture, or office panel systems in Atlanta, come see us at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We have a huge selection of high quality, affordable office furniture that will make your office more efficient and productive. To find out more about our office furniture selection, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

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