In a business environment, first impressions are critical, and your reception area is often where that occurs. It’s important to put some thought and planning into the design and décor of your reception area, everything from the actual office furniture to the overall layout. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind.

  • Have ample seating available. Even if you don’t expect to have many visitors at once, it’s smart to have at least 10 seats (space permitting) in your reception area—and more if you anticipate a steady flow of people. Preferably, you should have enough seats that at least some of them will be empty most of the time—this will make the reception area feel more spacious and comfortable.
  • Leave plenty of room to walk. If your reception area feels cramped and narrow, with too many chairs pushed closely together, it will not make the impression you want to achieve. Leave reception area chairs spaced out so that visitors won’t have trouble navigating the room. Also, make sure that the reception desk stays clean, and that there is a lot of space around it at all times.
  • Buy durable office furniture. The quality of the furniture in your reception area is a reflection on your entire company, so make sure the chairs you use are stylish, durable, and comfortable to sit in. Your reception desk should also be high quality, as should any small tables you add. Make sure the desk isn’t too high or too low—your receptionist should be able to look directly at your visitors.

Office Furniture Expo can provide you with all the furniture you need for your new reception area, including comfortable chairs and durable desks. We offer hundreds of pieces of new, used and special ordered furniture for you to choose from. Visit your local furniture store or call us today at (770) 455-0440.

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