Stretching different muscles can help prevent injuries caused by sitting in your office furniture all day, as this video demonstrates. Start out by doing wrist rotations with a full range of movement, and then extend your arm with the palm facing up, and gently pull all of your fingers down to the floor, putting equal pressure on each finger.

For shoulders you should bring your hand backwards and place it on the side of the hip. Grab the same elbow with the other hand and reach around to open up your shoulders. To stretch your hips, place one leg on the other, with the ankle on top of the quad, and push your elbow down onto the leg as you lean forward slightly.

Watch this video to see these stretches in action, and get the best office furniture for your back, wrists and hips at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Call (770) 455-0440 to learn more about our great selection of office equipment.

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