Many companies choose the same office furniture to serve different functions. This is especially true for pieces such as tables, which can be found throughout the office. Here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we offer a variety of tables, each with its own set of advantages for your office. You can use these tables in a number of different ways:


Hosting regular meetings allows you to bring the team together to share ideas, discuss progress, and bond over other company-related subjects. You can make sure every member of the team is able to participate in the meeting by choosing a conference table from Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. These tables can easily fit all of your employees, allowing you to host meetings whenever necessary!


If you plan to hire new employees, you will need to set up a space where they can learn their new responsibilities without getting distracted by your current employees. Our training tables can be used for both paperwork and computer work, making it easy to designate a training area for your new hires.

Common Spaces

Desks may be the right option for individual offices, but tables are the perfect solution for an area that requires more space to accommodate more employees. Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has a wonderful selection of computer tables that can be used to hold multiple monitors and computers.


You can choose from our collection of occasion and reception tables to add personality to your lobby. These tables can hold plants, lamps, and other accessories that add style to your space.

Break Room

Your team needs a comfortable place to relax, eat lunch, and just take a break from work. You can create a comfortable and inviting break room by including tables that provide space for all of your employees!

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta offers all of these tables and many more. You can learn more about our selection of office furniture and equipment by visiting our website or calling us at (770) 455-0440.

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