There is never any shortage of furniture in stock for an office manager to choose from for his or her employees. However, every office should contain the essential furniture before branching out and getting creative. Here are three examples:


Although some studies show that working in a standing position nearly doubles your productivity, an office always needs chairs for employees and visitors. Furniture dealers sell chairs in every size, shape, and color under the sun, leaving you free to pick a design that suits your office’s culture. To keep your employees healthy and comfortable, consider investing a few extra dollars on ergonomic chairs. The designs of ergonomic chairs are specially designed for optimum support and performance, which go a long way in boosting productivity.


The desk is an office employee’s most valuable piece of furniture. It contains everything needed to stay productive, focused, and on schedule. One of the most important considerations to make when buying desks is size. An undersized desk in a high-volume office will be nearly useless, while larger desks may encourage clutter. Yours should satisfy your requirements for size, storage capacity, ease of access, and appearance.

Filing Cabinets

Few sights make an employee look more unprofessional than that of a cubicle overflowing with loose papers, folders, and envelopes. Filing cabinets are the countermeasure to office clutter, as they can keep paperwork organized for minimal investment. With the proper-sized file cabinet, you’ll never have to tear apart your desk looking for an elusive paper again. All you’ll need to do is open the right drawer and take out the document from the row of neatly organized folders.

If you think your office could benefit from some new furniture, Office Furniture Expo of Atlanta is the place to be! We offer thousands of new and used pieces, along with custom-built furniture to suit any specification and budget. For more information about what we have in stock, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

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