DMI Furniture has been producing high-quality, sought-after commercial office furniture since 1911. Originally formed as the Huntingburg Furniture Company, DMI remains a dynamic option for office furniture across the country. Take a look at the history of this success story of a company that helps other businesses build better workplaces.

Early Years

The Huntingburg Furniture Company, the original incarnation of DMI, was founded in 1911 in the small town of Huntingburg in Southern Indiana by three local businessmen. Edwin Fish, George Brown, and Harry Gabriel saw an abundant supply of local timber and an increasing marketplace for furnishings as an opportunity to establish a furniture manufacturing business. They initially started with one warehouse to produce bedroom furniture and were profitable within a year. By the end of the 1940s, the company had seven factories and had converted two other businesses. They expanded operations outside of the state and opened their first production plant outside of Indiana in Dothan, Alabama.

From Huntingburg to DMI

The 1950s and early 1960s was a boom time for Huntingburg Furniture Company. They opened up additional production facilities and launched a number of subsidiary companies. By 1958, the company had $7.8 million in sales and over 800 employees. Their success caught the attention of Dolly Madison Foods, which was owned by Rittmaster & Co. Dolly Madison had an extensive range of non-food businesses under its umbrella and became interested in Huntingburg Furniture Company. Huntingburg Furniture Company was purchased by Dolly Madison, which soon changed its name to DMI, or Dolly Madison Industries. Although DMI struggled to find its footing as a conglomerate in the 1970s, the company righted itself by transferring production to less expensive facilities overseas.

DMI Office Furniture

In the 1990s, DMI was ready to launch two new lines to complement their existing office furniture lines: DMI Desk Company and DMI Office Furniture. By 1998, DMI Office Furniture was its own division, allowing the company to spend more time catering specifically to the needs of their commercial office customers.

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