La-Z-Boy is one of the most recognizable names in American home and office furniture. In particular, the La-Z-Boy furniture brand is known for their comfortable seating options. While residential customers may love coming home to a La-Z-Boy recliner, La-Z-Boy office chairs are designed for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomic support. Here is a look at the story behind this iconic furniture brand.

Early Years

La-Z-Boy was founded in 1928 by two cousins, Edward M. Knabusch and Edwin J. Shoemaker, in Monroe, Michigan, for the sole purpose of creating a comfortable chair. The cousins aimed to create a chair that supported what they referred to as “nature’s way of relaxing”—reclined seating. They initially made a wooden porch chair that reclined, and eventually, the cousins refined their chair and upholstered it for home use. The chair was an instant hit, and the cousins held a contest to select a name, finally settling on La-Z-Boy. The company solely produced the reclining chair until 1969, when they added reclining sofas and modular units. In 1983, the company began to offer stationary options

Multiple Lines

Today, the La-Z-Boy company offers multiple furniture lines, including Hammary, Kincaid, American Drew, and England Furniture that are distributed nationally and cater to different design styles and needs. The company operates headquarters in its native Monroe and in High Point, North Carolina, where several of the sub-lines are housed.

Office Chairs

The La-Z-Boy line of office chairs is known for its comfort and ergonomic designs that help employees avoid back pain at work. Many of the office chair models included ComfortCore Plus seat cushions that include memory foam and height adjustment features for easy customization.

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