In order to promote productivity, you have to provide an environment where people can take a step away from their office desks. A break room should be comfortable, functional, and inspirational. Use these design ideas to create a break room that allows your employees to come back to work and be more productive: 

  • Good Seating Areas

Try to incorporate more than one seating area into your break room. A large table makes it easy for your staff to sit down and grab a snack. A lounging area with upholstered chairs gives your employees the opportunity to sit back with a magazine for a few minutes. Moving their focus from their work project can help them solve a problem they have been working on. Setting up a comfortable seating area can help your employees rest for a moment before returning to work. You might want to consider custom office furniture so you can create the exact break room design that you want. 

  • Interesting Accessories

You can include accessories to complement the office furniture in your break room. Add some personality to the space with interesting artwork or colorful lamps. Incorporating a décor into your break room will help your employees relax and feel good. 

  • Get Rid of Clutter

A messy break room can feel too crowded and overwhelming. The point of a break room is to give your staff a chance to get momentarily away from work so they come back refreshed. Too much clutter can have the opposite effect. So, be sure to keep it neat and clean and utilize organizational tools so there is a place for everything. 

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