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Answering Your Home Office Furniture Questions

Modern home office furniture is much more than just a desk and chair. As you plan to furnish your home office, you’ll likely come up with numerous questions. Where is the best place to put my desk? Should I get a sit-to-stand desk? What kind of chair do I want? These are only a few of the things you’ll need to take into consideration as you search for furniture.

At Office Furniture Expo, we’re happy to address all of these concerns and much more. We serve the Atlanta Metro Area with stunning furniture and experienced designers. You can explore our 100,000-square-foot facility or consult with one of our team members. Plus, we can ship anywhere in the United States! Check our FAQ below to see if we’ve answered your question.

How Can I Make My Home Office More Comfortable?

Are you tired of your uncomfortable home office? Maybe you’ve thrown together your home office furniture quickly and now find that it’s making you less productive. Fortunately, the team at Office Furniture Expo can help you make your home office much more comfortable. Take into account all of our tips for increased comfort, or just pick the ones that best apply to you:

  • Use Lighting to Your Advantage: While some people have tons of natural lighting, we don’t all have that advantage. Make sure to maximize whatever light you have, whether it’s one small window or a reading lamp. Keep your space bright, but not so much so that it’s hard on your eyes.
  • Spend Extra on a Chair: Ultra-comfy chairs can be expensive, but they’re often worth the investment. Choosing an ergonomic chair means you won’t need to worry about developing back pain sitting down all day.
  • Think About Temperature: Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Whatever the case is for you, your temperature preferences should be reflected in your home office. You’ll be most productive and comfortable in an environment that’s as warm or cool as you like.
  • Stay Clean and Organized: Nothing saps productivity like a messy office space. Keep your documents organized in a file cabinet and make sure the room is free of paper scraps and clutter.
  • Have Fun with Décor: No one wants to work in a drab office space, and your home office should reflect your style as much as any other room in your house. Hang your favorite wall décor or toss some throw pillows on a cozy chair. You can even get creative with little knickknacks and budding plants.

Are There Dos and Don’ts to Buying Office Furniture?

If you’re in the market for new office furniture but don’t know where to start, we can help. You’ll find all kinds of home office furniture collections online and in stores, but it’s a challenge to decide what will work in your space. Follow some of our dos and don’ts to purchasing your new office furniture:

  • Do take accurate measurements of your space
  • Do opt for ergonomic furniture over cheaper choices
  • Do choose something that matches your style, but won’t lose its cool over time
  • Don’t buy cheap and compromise on quality
  • Don’t forget to consider the cost of future upgrades
  • Don’t make your purchase from a subpar company

How Do I Choose a Type of Seating?

Seating is one of the most critical components of your office space. Whether you’re choosing a chair for your desk or want to furnish an extra seating area, we have you covered. Our team can help you select the ideal chair for your needs.

We suggest considering how much you’d like to spend on your seating. Are you comfortable with paying extra for leather or would you rather choose a more cost-effective option? We also encourage our customers to think about their health. Opting for an ergonomic chair can minimize the strain on your back and promote better posture.

How Can I Keep My Workspace Organized and Productive?

If you’re struggling to keep your office organized, you’re certainly not alone. Mess is going to accumulate in any office, and it’s even harder to keep disorganization under control when it’s in your own home. Luckily, Office Furniture Expo has plenty of solutions to keep your workspace organized and your workday productive. Organize your home office using some of these tips:

  • Color-code your files
  • Invest in files and trays to keep your desk tidy
  • Periodically declutter your office and get rid of anything unnecessary
  • Purchase a filing or storage cabinet to keep your important documents
  • Don’t forget to purge your computer’s files, just like you would paper documents

What Kind of Bookcases Are Available?

Utilizing bookcases is an excellent way to increase your storage space. What’s more, bookcases are also stunning design components when placed and appropriately decorated. Our inventory includes a wide range of bookcases and storage cabinets, including metal shelves, computer storage shelves, and custom wall systems. Simply let us know your needs, and we’ll find you the best product or come up with a design.

What Are the Advantages of Sit-to-Stand Desks?

When designing a home office, we often forget about the concept of a sit-to-stand desk. After all, many conventional home office furniture sets include a sitting desk and ergonomic chair. However, you shouldn’t discount the benefits of a sit-to-stand desk. Many work-from-home employees love the following advantages of sit-to-stand desks, among others:

  • Choices: When you clock in for work, you have the option to sit or stand. If you get tired doing one the first half of the day, you can always switch throughout the workday.
  • Health: Standing desks can help increase blood flow. It makes sense—the more you can move around, the more blood flows and the more calories you burn.
  • Cost-Effective: Standing desks don’t require expensive chairs, and in the long term, they can be an excellent investment in your happiness.

What About Feng Shui Layouts?

Many of us have heard good things about Feng Shui layouts and how they can promote positive energy in any space. If you’d like to take this route for your home office’s design, our team can help. Luckily, you can easily achieve a Feng Shui layout with attention to your furniture’s position, natural light, plant life, and neatness.

First, make sure your furniture is not positioned so that your back is facing the door or the direction from which people approach you. Try to maximize natural light in your space as much as possible. You can always add a small reading lamp if you don’t have enough windows.

Surrounding yourself with plants is also an excellent way to elevate your Feng Shui-designed space. They’re said to eliminate negative energy. Many of those working from home opt for a Bonsai plant, succulent, or another plant that doesn’t require lots of maintenance.

Finally, and perhaps the most difficult requirement for Feng Shui is a clean space. Try to keep your desk and cabinets as decluttered as possible, and don’t let paperwork pile. In essence, you can achieve many of the goals of Feng Shui by working toward a minimalist design.

Do You Do Custom Designs?

The team at Office Furniture Expo has in-house staff who specialize in creating custom designs for your home office. You can tell us what kind of home office furniture most interests you, and we’ll get started with our Computer-Aided Design software. We’ll help you choose all aspects of your design, from the color scheme down to the small decorative details. You don’t have to go through your design process alone when you partner with our team!

Is Used Home Office Furniture Always a Better Deal?

Used furniture can be an excellent choice if you’re looking to score some extra savings. However, if you choose to buy used, make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable store such as Office Furniture Expo. Other furniture dealers might peddle broken pieces and furnishings that will need repairs in the near future. While used furniture may be great in the short term, it likely won’t give you the same return on investment as new home office furniture.

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Did we answer all your home office furniture questions? If so, feel free to visit our Atlanta, GA Showroom to check out our inventory for yourself. However, if you still have questions about designing your home office, we encourage you to contact us and speak with our friendly team. The staff at Office Furniture Expo is always ready to help.


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