With the right amount of care and maintenance, your custom office furniture from Office Furniture Expo Atlanta could last years longer than you may have ever expected. To reduce the impact that simple stains have on your fabric furniture items, be sure to pretest any spot cleaning treatments on a non-visible area of a chair, sofa, or seat cushion. You can also avoid exacerbating a stain by taking a look at the cleaning label featured on most upholstered fabric and following any instructions that it provides. If you’re concerned that machine washing the item will cause it to shrink or lose its luster, then seek the services of a cleaning professional.

If your office furniture doesn’t have any major stains for you to concern yourself with, then simply vacuum or brush it lightly each week to prevent dirt and debris from setting into the fibers. For more tips on keeping your fabric office furniture clean, speak with the professionals here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Call (770) 455-0440 to address any of your furniture questions or concerns to our friendly staff.

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