If employee morale has been low around the office lately, then you may want to take a look at how certain activities could be improved to get people engaged and inspired once more. One aspect that’s especially important to address is the attendance of weekly meetings and the input that is gathered during these sessions. Here is a look at how you can design meetings that your employees will want to attend:

Clarify What Points Will Be Covered

Although you may have set aside a generous time slot for a meeting with your employees, it’s essential that you keep the pace steady and flowing. Begin by laying out the major points that will be covered and the manner in which they will be addressed. This will help your audience prepare their own notes and generate a better understanding of what to expect.

Choose an Attractive and Practical Location

Another way to increase attendance at your meetings is to choose a convenient location that guests will enjoy spending their time in. If you have a large enough board room on-site to hold attendees, then be sure that it is filled with visually stimulating office furniture. It should also contain the appropriate office equipment such as any monitors, projectors, or additional technology that could add to the excitement of your discussions.

Prepare In Advance

One final piece of advice for designing more enjoyable meetings is to practice beforehand. Assign specific tasks to those helping you with the planning process, such as calling attendees to remind them of the event several days in advance. Be sure to also hand out tasks like note-taking and timekeeping to two of your reliable comrades.

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