Does your home office suffer from glare and shadows? Bad lighting in a home office can negatively affect productivity and creativity. To transform your home office into an ideal work environment, incorporate the following office lighting tips.

Diffuse Lighting
Direct overhead lighting can produce an annoying glare. Diffuse the ambient lighting in office with lampshades, which soften and scatter light, and upward-shining floor lamps, which lets the light bounce off of the walls and ceilings of the office. If you diffuse the office lighting effectively, you will illuminate the office without producing glare, contrast, or shadows.

Task Lighting
For areas of the office where focus is important, install task lighting. This will help maintain focus and reduce eyestrain. Place an adjustable or articulating desk lamp in an area where you read documents or work on your computer. Make sure there is also dedicated task lighting wherever you are on the phone, filing documents, or reviewing photos. Install corrective LED lighting behind any computer screens that you use to reduce the negative health effects of working on the computer all day.

Natural Lighting
Warm, natural light looks great in any office. Install windows and skylights to let sunlight in and dramatically improve any work environment. Just don’t forget to offset unwanted glare during certain times of the day by using blinds or a standing screen.

Decorative Lighting
Many people focus so much on practical lighting that they forget the office design benefits of decorative lights. Not only does ambient lighting reduce stress, but it creates a soothing and attractive office atmosphere in the evening. Mantel lights, picture lights, and wall sconces can accent certain areas of the room and provide visual interest.

At Office Furniture Expo, we have assisted thousands of people with their home office lighting needs since 1981. To take a closer look at the office furniture and lighting we offer, visit us online. And for more information, call us at (770) 455-0440.

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