With a few simple changes, you can lower the impact that your office has on the environment. This guide will show you a few easy ways to cut back on waste and to make your office green and efficient:

Opt for Gently Used Furniture

Instead of buying new office furniture, why not choose some high-quality used furniture for your workplace design? Not only is this an easy way to save some money, but it is also a more sustainable method of furnishing an office. Since these pieces have already been manufactured, no additional materials, fuel, or labor will be required to build furnishings for your workspace, which decreases your office’s carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Waste

Switching from disposable cups, plates, and other office supplies drastically reduces the amount of waste that your company creates. You can also make an effort to go as paperless as possible and choose eco-friendly supplies. These changes might seem minimal, but they make a big impact on how your office affects the environment. You should also add some recycling bins to your workspace to give your staff easy access to an environmentally friendly method of disposing of paper.

Pay Attention to Your Energy Usage

Adjusting the thermostat by just a few degrees significantly lowers your energy usage. You and your staff should also make an effort to turn off the building lights when you leave for the night. Paying attention to your energy usage will lower your utility costs and help you create a green working environment.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has an amazing selection of top-quality used office furniture that puts you on the path toward a greener office. For more than thirty years, we have been the city’s one-stop-shop for all office furniture needs. To learn more about our products or to find out how you can get used furniture, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440. 

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