One thing that most startups have in common is that they are rich in drive and ideas but sometimes short on budget. When you need to dedicate all of your resources to launching your business, how do you create a workspace that makes potential customers, clients, and employees see you as the professional you are? Used office furniture is the answer. With used office furniture, you can create a workplace that communicates stability and confidence without having to divert money from other important parts of your budget. Here’s how to make used office furniture work for you in your startup.

Match Your Furniture to Your Ethos

Your office furniture instantly communicates your identity to your customers. When shopping for office furniture, look for pieces that send the right message about your company. If your startup is a tech business or a creative endeavor, steer clear of traditional, dark wooden pieces and look for contemporary office chairs and desks that combine glass, laminate or metal and minimal design. If you are launching a law practice, look for used furniture that is sturdy and traditional. Because executive style, wood desks can be expensive, used desks are a great way to demonstrate your professionalism while you’re building your client base.

Prioritize Functional Pieces

Your office furniture will evolve over time, so focus on investing in the most functional pieces possible in the startup stage of your business. You will need office seating, filing cabinets, desks, and tables to create a productive place to work. As your business grows, add pieces that complement your design rather than compromising on the basics in the early stages in favor of items you want more than you need.

Look for Quality

Used office furniture might have a good price tag, but that doesn’t have to mean that it is cheap. Choose value-priced used pieces that are sturdy and in good condition that will last without looking like you’re cutting corners. Quality used office furniture doesn’t look second-hand.

For a great selection of used office furniture in Atlanta, visit the Showroom at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Find out more about our products and talk to an office design professional by calling (770) 455-0440.

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