Are you looking to bring a new mood into your office? All the tools you need to create a specific atmosphere in your office are available; you just have to put them to use. There are a wide range of design styles for office furniture and equipment that will allow you to incorporate a new and exciting décor in your office. Here are some of the main design categories available:  

  • Contemporary Design

After the addition of contemporary office furniture, your office will start to take on an entirely new personality. Contemporary design lends itself well to clean, open environments. Beautifully crafted wood desks with metal handles will look right at home in a contemporary office. Adding a brightly colored chair can lend a unique touch of class to any room. 

  • Traditional Design

If you want the focus to be on productivity in your office, then you might prefer traditional office furniture., such as simple leather chairs and darker wood desks and shelves. Traditional offices tend to be characterized by paler, more neutral colors. The furniture in a traditional office might not be as decorative as a fancier design, but it provides a sober and professional workplace atmosphere. 

  • European Design

Modular furniture with interesting angles, such as angled file cabinets and metal bookcases, will give your office a European feel. Their clean, simple lines make an office feel more open and productive, and will help foster an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and fresh new ideas. The open, expansive space will help encourage your employees to work together as a cohesive team. 

Since 1981, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has been providing multiple design styles for offices all over Atlanta. When you are ready to update the feeling in your office, check out our create furniture inventory that we can deliver and assemble custom furniture for you. Visit us online or call (770) 455-0440 to learn more. 

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