Office furniture should do more than add some aesthetic appeal to your workspace. The right furniture can give you and your employees the support they need to stay comfortable throughout the workday. Keep reading to learn more about how furniture does its part to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome:

It Helps You Find the Right Position

Typing at uncomfortable angles can increase your risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. With adjustable screens, keyboards, and office desks, you can eliminate this strain. Finding the right position in which to type helps you keep your forearms, wrists, and hands in alignment.

It Encourages You to Avoid Putting Pressure on the Wrong Areas

Office furniture that does not properly support you makes it easy to slouch and puts too much pressure on your wrists and your joints. If you sit straight in your chair with your feet resting firmly on the ground, it makes it difficult to shift into one of these positions which puts too much pressure on particular areas of the body. This helps you do your work without sitting in a position that is bad for your bones, muscles, and joints.

It Provides a Comfortable Area to Take a Break

Another way to reduce your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome is to remember to take frequent breaks throughout the day. The right office design provides plenty of comfortable locations where you can go sit when you need a break from your desk and keyboard. Take advantage of the comfortable office furniture and get a break when you need one.

Find the ergonomic furniture you need for your workspace at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. From adjustable office chairs to comfortable work surfaces, we give you the furniture selection that helps you keep your employees productive and free from carpal tunnel syndrome. To learn more about our selection, call (770) 455-0440.


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