If you buy a sturdy office chair or desk, you probably expect it to stay in decent shape for years. However, this is only the case if you remember to perform regular preventative maintenance. Fortunately, maintaining your office furniture can be easy as long as you follow these simple pieces of advice.

Tighten Bolts and Screws

After months or years of spinning and adjusting bolts and screws, certain parts of your office furniture may become unstable. This is because the screws and bolts holding the components together have become loose. This issue can be remedied by simply tightening the loose bolts or screws with a wrench or screwdriver. Failing to tighten bolts or screws on a regular basis could result in wobbly or totaled furniture.

Dust Occasionally

Maintaining desks and other expensive pieces of office furniture is exceedingly easy. Often times, dust and exposure to sunlight is what causes wooden desks to show their age faster than necessary. Taking a duster or a slightly damp cloth to clean your desk once every few weeks can go a long way toward keeping it looking great, thus delaying the cost and hassle of purchasing a new one.

Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

Of course, there may come a time when your office furniture needs a more thorough cleaning than a simple dusting can provide. When it comes time to give your furniture a deep clean, make sure you select the right cleaning products. This is especially important for wooden furniture, as certain products on certain finishes could cause irreversible damage. If possible, contact the manufacturer for cleaning product recommendations, and then share the information with your employees or cleaning staff.

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