Color plays a major role in branding. Business owners and managers should pay careful attention to what colors they use in every aspect of their companies – including office décor. When purchasing new or used office furniture, picking the right color doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it can be a great marketing tool! Be sure to consider these factors when deciding on colors:

First Impression

Color is often the first thing customers notice about your brand or company, whether they’re looking at your logo or décor. It has a massive impact on a customer’s purchasing decision, 60-80% to be exact! Once you’ve made an impression, good or bad, it’s next to impossible to change it, so be conscious about the image you portray from the start.

Color and Mood

Colors evoke feelings, so they can be harnessed to impact your customers’ emotions. Red evokes energy and aggression, while blue puts people at ease. Black is associated with timelessness, luxury, and sophistication, and white portrays nobility and cleanliness. The colors featured in your office will have a huge impact on your customers’ moods and perceptions of the company culture.

Different Colors for Different Industries

Since different colors create different moods, it’s important to choose the right one for your business. Different industries call for different colors. Red is a popular choice for the food and automobile industries, since it grabs people’s attention and portrays high energy. Black is often used for clothing and technology companies to create an air of sophistication. Your choice of colors can be a strategic tool to aid your business.

The experts at Office Furniture Expo can help you choose the right custom office furniture colors and pieces to help you build your brand. Whether you need new office seating or used filing cabinets in Atlanta, our showroom has it all. Stop by, visit us online, or call (770) 455-0440 to learn more.

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