Whether you are working in your home office full time or just on the weekends, your office should be a place where you can take refuge and increase work productivity. Creating a custom office by selecting the right office furniture is crucial to developing your work haven. Here are some tips for using office furniture and designs to make your home office the best.

Design for Function

To increase productivity, you should arrange your office furniture so that regular tasks are performed smoothly. Here are some easy ways to ensure that your office equipment is in the most beneficial position:

  • Face your office desk towards the door so you can see visitors entering.
  • Place your computer, files, and telephone in a location that is easy to reach from your chair. 
  • Make sure your computer is facing away from the window to reduce screen glare.
  • Arrange your office furniture to maximize natural lighting or purchase lamps. 
  • When you purchase your office furniture, make sure there is adequate storage space.

Buy a Comfy Chair

Your office chair is perhaps the most important of all of your furniture purchases.   Finding a suitable chair can: 

  • Reduce lower back pains, headaches, and other ailments.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Enhance your office design.

 Add a Personal Touch

You want your office furniture and surroundings to be comfortable. An easy way to create comfort is to add a personal touch to your office space. For example,

  •  Paint the wall a bright color.  Certain colors are linked to productivity.
  • Include photos of family and friends.
  • Add art or plants.

For help selecting the best office furniture for your home office, visit Office Expo Atlanta today.  We have been providing office furniture to hundreds of home offices in the Atlanta area for over 20 years. As the 11 time winner of the Consumer’s Choice award for Business Excellence, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality office furniture and equipment in all of Atlanta. Visit us today to check out our unique and custom inventory.

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