As a business owner, office manager, or self-employed professional, we know you manage a lot of factors to keep day-to-day operations running. One of the most important ways to help your business thrive is a well-outfitted space. Impressions matter for colleagues and guests alike, and having a comfortable and attractive selection of office furniture is a great first step. At Office Furniture Expo, we are committed to helping our customers get the office furniture they need at the best available rates.

Our wide array of office chairs, desks, and conference tables are sure to impress, no matter your budget. For years we have been a leader in the Atlanta, GA, area and we look forward to helping you furnish your office today. Whether you need a conference table for business meetings or want to upgrade to a more comfortable office chair, Office Furniture Expo is standing by to supply you the pieces you need.

Work desks for home or office

Office desks come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, Office Furniture Expo can help you pick out the perfect option. Choose from a wide array of chairs, with size, color, material, height, and functionality all customizable to your requirements. We stay up to date with the latest styles and offer unbeatable pricing options when you buy several desks at once. Whether you need an executive style desk or several desks for an area of your office, Office Furniture Expo can help.

Comfortable office chairs

While some people prefer to utilize a standing desk, most people still use office chairs every single day. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair is one of the best ways to kill productivity. At Office Furniture Expo, our selection of comfortable, luxurious office chairs cannot be beat, and we’ve been outfitting our customer’s offices with name brand choices for over 25 years. Come into our showroom today to try out our office chair options for yourself!

Conference tables

For some businesses, conference tables are where most of the action takes place. A good conference table must be sized to the room so everyone is seen and heard. A conference table is usually where guests to your company spend most of their time, so the aesthetic of the table has to match other office décor.

At Office Furniture Expo, you can find the perfect size of office table without compromising on price. We ship all of our furniture directly to your office to save you the hassle of transporting it yourself. Best of all, Office Furniture Expo can also come and set up your conference table at your business!

Your office accessories resource

From bookcases to filing cabinets, Office Furniture Expo has accessories you need to optimize your business operations. Our experienced and diligent staff is knowledgeable of the best add-ons for the needs of your business. We understand the importance of keeping design elements consistent throughout your space, which is why we’ll help you find pieces that fit your office’s aesthetic.
The best way to shop is to visit our 10,000-square-foot-showroom in Doraville, GA. From there, a member of our team can show you a variety of options and help you pick out the right finishing touches for your office environment.

A professional team

Unlike some big-box retailers, partnering with Office Furniture Expo for your office furniture means you get individualized service from start to finish. Our custom office furniture service nearly guarantees you will never shop at a chain again. It is always our goal to leave no stone unturned to fully and perfectly stock your workplace with desks, chairs, tables, shelving, and more.

Any successful business must fuse style and function with the appropriate décor choices and available budget. We work with you hands-on through every step of the process so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Unbeatable prices


At Office Furniture Expo, our unbeatable service is combined with amazing prices for all of our office furniture because of our close relationship with local distributors. By cutting out the middleman, we offer our customers amazing rates for everything in our showroom. Whether you are looking to upgrade a few pieces or do a full overhaul, Office Furniture Expo is your choice furniture supplier!

Customer service specialists

We help streamline your business operations with the right office furnishings for your space. With robust warranties and repair technicians available with all furniture purchases, Office Furniture Expo ensures you have peace of mind when you do business with us.
Customer satisfaction is how our business has stayed strong for over 25 years. We treat our customers like family and recognize the importance of helping your business grow. We’ve been a proud member of the community here in Atlanta and take immense pleasure in outfitting your business with the best office furniture available.

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