The reception area is the entryway for most offices. Before guests and colleagues get to the workstations, desks, and computers, they first have to make their way through the reception area. This means that new guests and clients often make their first impression of the office and staff from the reception area. Many office receptions contain a reception desk and a few extra seats, but this can often result in a boring and unwelcoming first impression for clients. While your work should speak for itself, it doesn’t hurt to have an aesthetically pleasing reception to invite and greet guests as they enter. 

Finding the right office furniture, equipment, and other accessories can help you create a warm and friendly environment. Following these simple tips will let you design and furnish a welcoming office reception: 

  1. Find a desk that has just the right amount of space. It’s important that your receptionist is able to easily find everything he or she may need throughout the day, but you also want to make sure that the reception desk serves as a focal point without taking up too much space. 
  2. Arrange seating in an open way. Lining chairs against a wall is a great way to keep the room open and prevent any feelings of isolation often caused with clusters of chairs. 
  3. Use accessories for decoration. You can find small, attractive tables that can hold plants, vases, and other fun and pretty accessories. Hanging pictures and artwork on the walls is another great way to add some style and personality. 
  4. Organize paperwork with file and storage units. A clean and well-organized reception area is a great way to welcome and greet guests. You can keep everything tidy by using attractive storage units. 

Here at Office Expo Atlanta, we have the most amazing selection of office furniture in all of Atlanta. Our collection of desks, tables, seating, storage units, and more will help you put together the perfect reception area for your office.


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