If you spend the bulk of your day in an office, then it’s important that you achieve the highest possible level of comfort possible; the easiest way to do that is to select the perfect office chair. Here are a few factors you should pay attention to: 


Work-related injuries don’t only happen to folks in construction. In fact, a great deal of neck and back injuries occur in offices with relatively low physical activity, due largely to the constant strain of unsuitable office chairs. When looking for a new office chair, it’s important to keep one word in mind—“ergonomic.” An ergonomic chair is designed specifically to match the shape of you body, so instead of being perched on the edge of your chair all day, you can lean back and avoid all the unnecessary muscle strain.  


An office chair is an important part of your office décor and, as such, it should be a reflection of the impression you want to leave on visitors. A subtle, elegant design would probably be best for your office—though if you’re trying to “wow” your boss, coworkers, or clients, a more flashy design could be more your speed. In any case, look around at your other office furniture and get a chair that looks like it belongs.     


Odds are that you do a lot more in your office than simply work on the computer. It’s important that your office chair is as versatile as you are, complete with wheels and a swivel. Adjustability is also an important factor—that way, you can try out all height levels until you find the one that’s most comfortable.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and are looking for your next great office chair, then come by Office Expo Atlanta. You’ll find that we have an amazing selection of office furniture—chairs, desks, accessories, and much more. Give us a call today at (770) 455-0440 for the best customer service you’ll find in Atlanta, or anywhere!   

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