Choosing the right layout for your office is essential to ensuring that you have the most suitable environment for your workplace. There was a time when many office layouts were drab and monotonous, but that era is long past. Today, many businesses customize their offices to give their employees a setting that is as ergonomically comfortable and productive to working as possible. Here are some of the basic office layouts you might want to take into account as you plan your own.

Open office. An open office is designed as a free-flowing interior space without any barriers. There aren’t any cubicles or even dividing walls. This type of layout is perfect for small offices where you need to maximize your available space, and they are also well-suited for professions where groups of people will be collaborating in close quarters. However, they may not be ideal for jobs where employees need to work in privacy and relative quiet.

Traditional office. A traditional office has separate spaces for every employee, usually with a door for every space. Traditional office layouts are well-suited to many types of jobs, particularly professions which require frequent phone calls or sensitive information. However, many businesses do not have the space to provide separate offices for all of their employees. It can also be impractical to add a new office space for each new addition to the staff, yet this type of layout works best for many businesses.

Cubicle-based office. Many offices solve the challenge of creating a separate space for every employee by using cubicles. Depending on the type of cubicle an office uses, this can make for a flexible and easily altered space that is practical for startups and other developing businesses. Cubicles allow for some degree of privacy, but are also conducive to quick meetings and ongoing collaboration.

The team at Office Furniture Expo can help you develop the perfect layout for your office. Our Showroom in Atlanta has an extensive selection of new and used office furniture for your business to choose from. You can get started today by calling (770) 455-0440.

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