Designing custom office furniture may seem overwhelming, but the assistance of an expert furniture designer can help! Schedule a free consultation at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta and remember to ask the following questions.

How can I maximize my space?

After your free furniture-design consultation, you can begin designing and shopping for all of your new business equipment. Ask your design consultant about how you can make the most of your office space. Ask your consultant to help you choose tables, desks, and chairs that will fit well in your office space.

Do you offer this piece in other styles?

Once you’ve selected several pieces of office furniture, consider different styles and aesthetics for your new office. If you’re trying to give your office a complete style makeover, then look to match the finishes of your desk and tables to the colors and décor of your office area. Ask your furniture company about various leather or cloth materials for your new furniture. A variety of styles gives you more pricing and design options.

Can I see the furniture in person?

While online inventories are useful and allow you to choose from a wide selection of products, it will be difficult to choose the right furniture for your workplace or home office without actually getting to see the furniture in person. After checking online, call the store to see if they have the pieces you are looking for in stock. If you are ordering custom furniture, ask to see similar products.

What’s your warranty policy?

To ensure that your custom furniture lasts for years to come, ask the furniture company about their warranty policies. Some furniture stores provide warranties, while others have their products under the manufacturer’s warranty. If you can get warranty coverage, be sure to ask about the terms of coverage so that you do not void the warranty or miss out on its benefits.

Now that you know what to ask, visit Office Furniture Expo Atlanta today. View our spacious in-store showroom of office desks and equipment or call us today at (770) 455-0440.

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