Any individual who has worked in an office understands the negative effects that are associated with extended periods of sitting down. Sit/Stand desks, on the other hand, are one type of office furniture that seeks to combat these health effects. Continue reading if you are wondering if you would benefit from using a Sit/Stand desk.

Even though you take periodic breaks to walk around the office, a Sit/Stand desk may offer greater advantages than your standard office desk. This type of office furniture may help to combat a number of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. Sit/Stand desk flexibility is important because it helps you to shed calories, work your muscles, and keep your blood sugar down.

Are you interested in learning more about Sit/Stand desks? Call Office Furniture Expo at (770) 455-0440 or stop by and meet us. We have a great selection of new and used office furniture in Atlanta. Learn more on our website.

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