The New Year is the perfect time to visit Office Furniture Expo for great deals and special promotions on new and used office furniture. You can take advantage of the sales and redesign your office using new or gently used office desks, office seating, office storage, and office panel systems. Keep reading for some great ideas on how to start fresh in 2016 with your office furniture.

Evaluate Your Office Environment

Before picking out new office furniture, you should fully evaluate your office environment. Determine the primary problem areas in your office that limit comfort, productivity, and efficiency. If there’s a high traffic area that sees frequent bottlenecks or is difficult to maneuver, brainstorm ways that you can remedy that. Make sure that each workspace has the appropriate lighting, office storage, office seating and office tables or desks, and other amenities that employees need to get their work done happily.

Organize Your Clutter

Having a lot of clutter around the office can severely limit the comfort of your employees and office visitors. If there are areas of clutter that could benefit from more office storage, look into bookcases and filing cabinets. You can even think of creative office storage solutions that keep messes and paperwork out of sight but meticulously organized. Once you eliminate clutter, your office will appear brighter, more open, and more streamlined.

Take a Look at New Office Furniture Lines

Browse our furniture store or catalogue to check out the latest styles and features of 2016’s office furniture lines. You may be inspired to do a full office furniture makeover for your office.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we have all of the latest office furniture lines from top office furniture brands at our office furniture store near Atlanta. We pride ourselves on selling high quality new and used office furniture at the best prices in the area. To learn more about our office furniture selection and pricing, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

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