Scientific studies have demonstrated that humans are affected emotionally by the choice of color of wall paint, clothing, cars, and even office furniture. As a business owner, you can use this information to your advantage by choosing new, used, or custom office furniture in colors that stimulate positive emotions like productivity and creativity. Before you visit a local office furniture store, take a look at this guide to the best colors for your office furniture.

Blue and Green Office Furniture

If your office is busy and hectic, you can install custom office furniture in blue and green to promote confidence and productivity amongst your employees. Blue and green are also calming, tranquil colors that can help employees stay focused in an overwhelming environment. Because blue and green are also colors that are found in nature, it’s easy to coordinate your new office furniture to almost any existing office décor.

White and Gray Office Furniture

While using too much white in an office can make it look sterile, white can be an attractive and calming choice for tables, chairs, and other office furniture. White and soft gray are neutral, relaxing colors that can help your employees feel more at home, which facilitates a productive work environment.

Yellow and Orange Office Seating

Yellow and orange may seem like difficult colors to integrate into your office furniture, but they are the perfect colors for office seating, whether in private offices, public waiting rooms, or common areas. Yellow and orange are cheerful, energetic colors that will make visitors to your office feel engaged and welcome. Pale orange and mustard yellow are the best shades to use to complement existing office furniture and décor.

If you’re interested in using new or used office furniture in Atlanta to improve the moods of your employees and visitors, come see us at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We offer a huge selection of both new and used, high-quality office chairs, office tables, office desks, and office seating at very affordable prices. Call us today at (770) 455-0440 to find out more about our office furniture store.

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