Your office breakroom may not be where the most important deals for your business happen, but it is every bit as essential to your success as your high-powered meeting room. A breakroom is an investment in office morale and effective employee relationships. It gives employees a place to catch their breath during a busy day, collaborate and catch up with each other, which helps to build trust among your team and keep people motivated. If your breakroom needs a facelift or if you’re building your first break space, here is a look at the office furniture pieces you’ll need to make it function.


To make your breakroom as versatile as possible, choose multiple types of tables and put them together in different configurations. There should be space for a group to share lunch or coffee as well as small areas for individuals to sit. Some of the tables should be grouped for impromptu collaboration sessions. Getting multiple types of tables doesn’t have to make you go over budget. Mix new and used office tables, or simply buy all used to get the look you want without compromising your budgetary restrictions.


As with your tables, your breakroom should have multiple seating options. Plastic or metal chairs that are easy to wipe down can form the foundation of your seating, but consider adding a few more comfortable options for longer breaks. This is also a good opportunity to break from your usual office décor and add in some bright, vibrant, funky options that may not be appropriate for your workspace.


Your breakroom won’t feel very peaceful if it is cluttered and untidy, so storage is essential. A combination of cabinets and movable drawers is a great solution. Again, both new and used choices can keep your room organized and inviting.

When you’re ready to choose office furniture in Atlanta, choose Office Furniture Expo. With our wide selection of new and used office furniture as well as custom design options, we’ll always have what your business needs. To find out more, please call (770) 455-0440.

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