Landing your own office is a landmark event in your career. It denotes importance, trust, prestige, and privacy. Regardless of the size of your office, the one piece of office furniture that you absolutely must have is a work desk. How you incorporate your desk into the functional and decorative design scheme of your office can have a profound effect on your personal success. Here is what you should consider when deciding how to set up your office:

  • Your Desk Is the Centerpiece of Your Office
    Your desk should be the focal point of your office design. Not only do you spend much of your time sitting behind it, but it’s also the largest piece of furniture in the room. Whether your desk is moderin or Old World style, it should extend into your plans for the rest of the office space. This will help you create a unified, aesthetically pleasing design. 
  • Your Desk’s Placement Is Crucial
    Your desk’s placement is more important than you may think. Put your desk in the “power position” so that your back is against a wall, giving you a good view of the door. You’ll instinctively feel safe with your back protected. You can immediately lock eyes with anyone entering your office, protect your privacy, and create the illusion of authority by presiding over your space.
  • Your Desk Needs to Work with the Windows
    Hopefully, your office has at least one window, as natural sunlight is a great mood booster and a productivity enhancer. Refrain from placing your desk in front of a window, as the glare can hinder your view of your computer screen. You also want to be able to look out the window. A pleasant view can make you feel more comfortable.

Find the perfect desk for your office at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. You can also find everything else you need to outfit your professional space the way you want to. Call us at (770) 455-0440 to learn more about our office furniture in Atlanta.

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