Office accessories are a great way to personalize your workplace décor and make the entire building more comfortable for you and your staff. Lamps dually improve the lighting situation in the office while also adding a new level of design. Use these tips to choose the right lamp for your workspace:

Focus on the Height

The lamp size that you need depends on where you plan to put it. If you are placing a lamp on your office desk, for example, it should be short enough to fit on the working surface but large enough to give you the proper illumination. Think about where you plan to put the lamp and choose one that complements the space around it.

Work with Your Décor

Narrow your lamp selection by choosing a style that works with your current décor. Work with colors and patterns that are already present throughout the workspace to enhance your overall interior design. Remember to focus on lampshades as well. Not only do these affect the way the light filters throughout the room, but they also become an integral aspect of the office’s décor.

Consider the Amount of Light

You can use lamps as accent and task lighting. If you are trying to find a light source that lets you see your workspace, you want to choose a brighter option. If you just want an accent to certain decorative features of the office, however, you should choose something dimmer.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has plenty of lamps form which to choose. Optimize your work space with office furniture and accessories that make the most of your office design. We offer you the office equipment, furniture, and accessories that you need to be as productive as possible at work. For more information on our products, please visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

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