Even highly motivated workers’ productivity can be hindered if their office environment isn’t just right. From selecting ergonomic office furniture to fine-tuning the lighting, there are many things you can do to maximize your productivity. Here are a few tips:

Spend Some Time on Your Lighting

Lighting can have a major effect on how well you are able to accomplish your daily tasks. If you have a home office, you can freely change lighting fixtures, add track lighting, or even change the light bulbs. If you’re in a corporate or shared office environment, try placing lamps strategically on or around your desk. Make sure your workspace is well lit and arrange the fixtures to reduce glare on your computer monitor.

Get the Right Office Furniture

Office furniture that is uncomfortable or the wrong size can hurt your productivity. Someone who is 6’1” should not try to share the same office desk and chair with someone who’s 5’0”, for example. When your office furniture allows you to sit, stand, and move around comfortably while supporting your body ergonomically, you’ll simply get more done and feel better at the end of the day.

Open Up Your Space

It’s difficult to get much of anything done when you feel like you’re trapped in one room all day. While cubicles are good for designating certain spaces and minimizing distractions, you and your officemates might consider a more open floor plan, especially if you often collaborate. If it’s just you in the office, try to do away with anything that could make you feel “boxed in” at your desk. If there are windows, take advantage of the natural lighting and the perceived space it creates by positioning your desk so you can face the view.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we can help you make over your workspace with the right office furniture. From office desks to chairs and custom office furniture, we’ll help you find the perfect items to maximize your productivity and comfort. Visit us online or call (678)-894-1869.

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