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Office Furniture Expo is renowned for offering one of the largest selections of office furniture in the Atlanta area. We take pride in being helpful and attentive to our customers’ needs and are always happy to lend a hand with furniture assembly, delivery, or even custom office design. If you’re just redecorating your office and don’t know where to begin, we’ve taken the time to answer your top 10 burning questions for your office furniture needs. Learning how to create a warm, welcoming office environment is essential to maintaining morale and productivity in the workplace. We encourage you to read on to learn more office furniture design tips that you can use no matter the type of office.

1. How Do I Decide on an Office Décor Color Scheme?

Choosing the color scheme for your office is entirely up to you. You could incorporate your brand’s colors to create a professional image and convey your branding to potential employees or clients. However, you should be mindful that colors often have a psychological impact on people. Bright, vivid colors help create a happy, positive work environment full of energy and life, while a monotonous color scheme full of muted grays and earth tones could have the reverse impact. Consider adding an accent wall or splashes of color throughout your office space by hanging artwork. Explore the Office Furniture Showroom of our online offerings to find unique pieces that speak to you or the type of business you do.

2. What Are Some of the Best Ways to Accessorize My Office?

Adding accessories to your office is what makes the work environment feel more homelike and inviting. From mirrors, lamps, and artwork to office greenery, your choices for accessories are limitless. From a functional perspective, your office needs lighting fixtures. However, choosing colorful or modern lighting accents can help set a more festive mood throughout your workspace. You could also consider adding interesting statuary, sculptures, or bookshelf accessories to make work feel even more like home. No matter what type of accessories you’re interested in, Office Furniture Expo carries a wide selection. You can search our accessories inventory or enlist our help in-person in our showroom if you’re not sure where to start.

3. What Type of Office Desks Do You Recommend?

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to finding the perfect office desk. Factors to consider in your selection include color, material, style, sturdiness, size, and price. Think about how the desks will be used. Will your employees require space for bulky office equipment on their desks? Do your employees have individual offices or more of an office cubicle environment? Will your employees need personal file and storage space at their desks? Will clients need to meet with your employees at their desks? Are you attempting to make your office look uniform with the same style desk for each employee, or are you looking to mix-and-match styles depending on each employee’s job function? What about sit to stand desks? Don’t be afraid to consider pre-owned office furniture to pick up items like office desks and chairs without breaking the bank!

4. What Sort of Office Chairs Do You Recommend?

There are many considerations when choosing the right office chair for your employees. First and foremost, you want to select chairs for ergonomics, that is chairs that have been designed to reduce fatigue, discomfort, and back strain. If your employees are kept comfortable, they’re less likely to take frequent breaks and are more likely to be more productive when they are at their desks. Depending on the type of office, you may also want to consider task chairs easier mobility. When you visit Office Furniture Expo’s 100,000-square-foot showroom in Doraville, you can test out all our office chairs for yourself to see which one best meets your employees’ needs and your budget.

5. What Should I Consider When Selecting Conference Tables?

Whether meeting with employees or making presentations to your customers, selecting the right conference tables and chairs is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s critical to choose the size and shape of table most appropriate for your meeting room space. You don’t want a small room to feel overwhelmed by a table that’s too big for it or vice versa. You want your employees and customers to be comfortable in your meeting rooms. From office tables to conference tables and workstations, Office Furniture Expo has all your table needs covered in our Showroom. We encourage you to come in today to see what designs and materials we have available in-stock, special order and even custom designed to best reflect your Company image!

6. Is Redecorating an Office Eligible for a Tax Write-Off?

It is possible to save money come tax time thanks to something called a Section 179 deduction. To be considered eligible for a Section 179 tax deduction, an item must be necessary for business but depreciable in value. A perfect example of something that fits these requirements is office furniture. You likely need some office furniture in your business whether you’re just starting out, adding staff, or are going for a fresh new look. Thanks to tax write-offs, there’s never been a more affordable time to redecorate your office!

7. Is It Better to Buy Your Office Furniture in Person or Online?

This is entirely up to you and your shopping preferences. Some customers prefer to shop online from the convenience of their home or business because it’s less time-consuming and allows them to multitask. However, shopping in our Showroom allows you to inspect our office furniture for yourself. You don’t have to rely on our word or that of someone else. If you want to know how comfortable an office chair is, your best bet is to sit in it. You can also usually get a better sense of proportion and planning your space when you view office furniture in person. You may find that something unexpected catches your eye when you see it in the Showroom, rather than impersonal photos online. It’s easier to compare and contrast similar pieces in person than it is online.

8. How Long Is Office Furniture Likely to Last? How Can I Protect It?

Office Furniture Expo strives to bring the highest quality office furniture to the Metro Atlanta Area, and this includes both our new and used furniture selections. How long your office furniture will last largely depends on the type of furniture and how often your employees use it. For example, if it’s an office chair that someone will be sitting in at least eight hours a day, five days a week, that may not last as long as a conference chair that only gets used for an hour once a week or month when you have a meeting. You usually get what you pay for in terms of quality. The material the office furniture is made of is important, as well as the manufacturer’s. Office chairs may last up to 10 years depending on the type of chair, application, and usage, while office desks and conference tables may last even longer if well cared for with proper furniture care. Of course, your preferences may change before you technically need an office furniture replacement. Office Furniture Expo also buys quality used office furniture and purchases select used furniture from businesses looking to redecorate or relocate.

9. Do You Offer Office Furniture Assembly or Delivery Services?

Yes, Office Furniture Expo offers both office furniture assembly and delivery in the Greater Atlanta Area. In most cases, assembly and set-up are included in the purchase price of your furniture. We maintain a fleet of delivery vehicles and personnel to ensure your satisfaction. While the metro area is our primary service area, we do occasionally offer our furniture delivery services statewide or even out of state. Delivery fees will vary based on many factors, including but not limited to the amount of furniture purchased, the time it will take us to reach your delivery location, delivery conditions, and whether it is an after-hours or Saturday delivery. Always be sure to ask us if interested in taking advantage of these services, so that we can make all the necessary arrangements in advance.

10. How Can I Visualize My Office Furniture Before Purchasing It?

Our custom office design experts at Office Furniture Expo would be happy to show you, three-dimensional models, using our computer-aided design software. You should be able to get a better picture of what your office will look like with your new office furniture with our assistance. We find this helpful with space planning, as well as coordinating various elements of office décor. Please contact Office Furniture Expo to learn more about our custom design services or to set up a consultation!


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